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Comfy, fashionable and flattering sanders... or shall I stock up on plasters?!

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louise987 Sun 17-Apr-16 07:37:28

So it's the inevitable struggle at the start of summer, what sandals to wear?!

I am not blessed with slim ankles, so despite my small frame (size 6-8) ankle straps make my legs look stumpy and are not flattering! Due to my lack of height I prefer a heeled/wedge sandal but they all seem to be really clumpy!

Finally, being a mum to a 8m old I need it to be comfy. I have already got out my Birkenstocks in readiness for another year of an unsuccessful quest for this heeled/wedge, comfy but also flattering summer shoe... Am I alone?!

I'm willing to pay a high price for the right shoe smile

LovingKent Sun 17-Apr-16 14:42:23

Hi OP.

You might want to take a look at this thread - lots of ideas here Sandals thread

GoulashSoup Sun 17-Apr-16 16:24:54

I've got some accesorize vouchers to spend so I'm hoping these are comfy once I get round to trying them on.

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