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Help me create a full set of makeup brushes

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MeadowHay Sat 16-Apr-16 22:48:47

I don't wear makeup much. I want to start wearing it more, at least eye makeup. It is going to take some time to practice and get it right because I have coordination difficulties, but I have some lovely eyeshadow palettes now that I want to use more. Thing is, I have hardly any brushes. I'm only just learning this malarky of having like 3 or 4 different colours on your lid at once and then blending them all and things from watching a few Youtube tutorials today. So I guess that means I need quite a few brushes. I was wondering if you could help me create a full 'set' of makeup brushes, maybe tell me what your set is like?

All I have:
1 Ecotools kabuki brush (for my powder foundation)
1 foundation brush from The Body Shop (for my BB cream)
2 eyeshadow brushes from The Body Shop
2 eyeshadow brushes that are in the Urban Decay Naked palette
2 little cheapo eyeshadow brushes that are in my Sleek eye shadow palette
1 eyelash/eyebrow brush thing

What else do I need? Blusher brush? More eyeshadow brushes? Product recommendations please!

BennyTheBall Sat 16-Apr-16 23:06:11

Depends on your budget. I have Suqqu blusher and eyeshadow brushes - but they are expensive (and worth it).

I also have No7, Paula Dorf, MAC and ELF. The ELF brushes are ridiculously cheap (I get them in Target, not sure if you can get them in UK). I also buy brushes for fine lining from my local art supply shop.

I am a bit of a brush addict blush

donadumaurier Sun 17-Apr-16 11:21:40

If you like the eco tools brush, they do an essentials set which is brilliant

MrsT2007 Sun 17-Apr-16 12:38:05

ELF are online here.

My sister is a TV MUA and bought me a stippling brush for foundation which rocks.

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