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Liposuction over 40

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cherryagm Sat 16-Apr-16 19:26:22

Hi, has anyone out there over 40 had liposuction on the abdomen/waist? If so, how did you find it? Did it give you the results you want? I had my breasts done a few years ago (AA after breastfeeding, up to C) and am really pleased with the result - feel like I've had them forever - wondered about liposuction on waist/abdomen - asked plastic surgeon who did the breasts and he said he didn't recommend it for women over 30, as it could leave loose skin. Plus he says stomach fat is usually right inside, around the organs, and won't be touched by liposuction. He is very ethical and doesn't do procedures unless he thinks they are justified! However I've found a clinic (mya) which is keen to do it! I'm a size 10 generally, but with a big waist and fed up with bloody 5:2 diet and weightwatchers and feeling like a lardarse in anything other than a loose top. Would really appreciate knowing about anyone's experiences with lipo, particularly vaser lipo, which sounds less of a major procedure. God, it's depressing having to do this. I'd far rather find a man who loved me for my mind, but they seem in short supply....

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