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Has anyone had a perm thus century? How did it go?

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FairyBiker Sat 16-Apr-16 17:57:34

I've got poker straight hair and am fed up with it. Do just perms exist any more?

I've tried temporary curls but they don't last. Even bought one of those curl secret things but the curl just drops out within 5 minutes

The last time I had a perm was 1990 (gimmer) and once the curl is there it lasts but it was a spiral curl and I'm sure they're moved on since then. [hopeful]

Blue2014 Sat 16-Apr-16 18:00:20

Watching with interest ...

Sunnyshine Sat 16-Apr-16 18:01:20

Me too. Want my natural curly hair to be more uniform smile will see what people say

Ciggaretteandsmirnoff Sat 16-Apr-16 18:06:04

Watching with intrest too!

I had one about 7 years ago, a friends sister did it in her kitchen and it was shocking! I had to go hair dressers the next day and have it all cut off.

I would do it again though professionally

Eminybob Sat 16-Apr-16 18:08:19

I'm interested in this too. I hate my fine poker straight hair.

I had a "body wave" in the late 90's which was the last time I did anything permy. My mum did home perms on me a couple of times when I was very young blush

annandale Sat 16-Apr-16 18:10:42

Ooh. Interesting.
Anyone can post links of course - hope someone with genuine experience comes along.

YoungGirlGrowingOld Sat 16-Apr-16 18:11:26

I had a digital perm at some place in London about 8 years ago - I wanted my crazy hair to be more uniform. It was pricey but good while it lasted (which unfortunately wasn't v long!) my hair was still in good condition afterwards too.

Salene Sat 16-Apr-16 18:13:16

Place marking I've wanted to get one but too scared I will look like something out the 80's 🙈

colleysmill Sat 16-Apr-16 18:20:10

<whisper> I have a perm. But don't broadcast it about! grin

My hair is naturally curly but it doesn't hold throughout the day so my hairdresser perms it with largish rollers about once a year. It just helps hold the curl and most people don't realise it's had a bit of help

colleysmill Sat 16-Apr-16 18:24:12

Posted too soon.

It still needs serum, mousse and hairspray but it takes a lot less time than straightening and my hair is in better condition now than trying to tame it straight. It also needs a good cut regularly to avoid the Crystal Tips look and I use shampoo sparingly but conditioner lavishly.

I like it which is the most important thing I guess!!

EyNonnuMouse Sat 16-Apr-16 20:11:34

Another one here for digital perms! Very pricey and last 6 months max but if you are very lucky you can find traditional Chinese salons that are a fraction of the price! Much looser curls.

FairyBiker Sun 17-Apr-16 09:38:33

When you say digital perms are pricey, how much are you talking about?
I'd probably have to travel to get one done as I live in the sticks, which would be ok.
My mum did a couple of those Eminybob, I think one was the foam ones, boy I ended up looking like a poodle

OnTique Sun 17-Apr-16 09:54:47

I mentioned the possibility of a perm at the hairdressers and they looked in astonishment and horror at me. So I've never plucked up the courage the suggest it again.

I'm old enough to have been 80's permed. Yes I had the whole big hair thing going on blush. But that's not what I meant now!

I thought things might have progressed along to give natural waves. I fancied a very loose wavy bob sort of look. Apparently that can only be achieved with curling implements. Well I haven't got time to faff about doing that so I'm stuck with my straight bob.

Danglyweed Sun 17-Apr-16 09:58:55

My lovely 25 year old hairdresser has one the now, it looks brill.

I had one done when I was 18, was fed up of my poker straight thinnish hair that I couldn't do anything with. But having to put products on my hair quickly pissed me off and I invested in ghd's after a couple of months to get rid... although it did add a bit more volume to my hair.

EyNonnuMouse Sun 17-Apr-16 13:17:07

Starting at about £250 in London/cardiff and more expensive depending on the length of your hair! Silly thing is the machine they use only costs about that but I have been unable to pursuade local salon to invest in one hmm

Indantherene Sun 17-Apr-16 13:37:23

I have poker straight fine hair, so I had it permed again last year. Everyone at work assumed it was my natural hair and that I normally straightened it grin.

It can look a bit 80s/poodle when first done but it relaxes out into a nice wave when brushed.

FrustratedFrugal Sun 17-Apr-16 13:39:14

I have noticed that some very young people around here look like Keith Haring circa 1982 and their female counterparts have bouncy perms. My hairdresser says there's a market for them, apparently her oldest and her youngest clients are asking for them grin

Tinklewinkle Sun 17-Apr-16 13:45:31

I've been thinking about this too.

Also have poker straight hair and just want a bit of a wave to it. It just hangs there being boring really.

I've got a curl secret, and the curls hold really well, but it's a faff, the machine is heavy and makes my arm ache and I get bored (cue the worlds smallest violin) so I can't be arsed with it.

I mentioned perms at the hairdressers and they looked at me in horror.

I kind of hoped they might have moved on in the 20 odd years since I last had one, but it seems not - not round here yet anyway

FrustratedFrugal Sun 17-Apr-16 14:07:15

My hairdresser is very talkative and she explained that perm technology has evolved and there's a way to make it look less poodlelike these days. I think she was discussing some of these techniques.

Lol at "directional perm" wink

BieneBiene Sun 17-Apr-16 15:08:09

I really want one. I have done for a few years but keep cutting it before it gets long enough. This is the year!

colleysmill Sun 17-Apr-16 21:45:34

I do think mine looks better now it's longer and once it grows out a bit. My last perm was October and curl wise it looks fine although I currently need a good trim

Lisasmum3 Sun 17-Apr-16 22:09:47

I had one in 2002. It turned my highlights green and became unmanageable within couple of months so I ended up chopping it all off. It took me about 3 years to grow my hair back. Never again!

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