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Eyelash perming

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GertyTheGert Fri 15-Apr-16 23:19:01

Errrrr I am very interested in getting my eyelashes permed because mine actually grow almost downward (!) and no eyelash curler seems to keep the upward curve for more than 10 mins (even heating said curlers for 5 mins aforehand in hot water). I have wavy hair and my eyelashes are actually a bit wavey-davey and sort of cross over each other, so I use eyelash curlers before and after mascara sometimes (yikes!) to try and keep them evenly spaced!!! I currently get my lashes dyed in the Kingston Bentalls shop - anyone had their eyelashes permed? Any recommendations if so? Please??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bluedolphin1971 Fri 15-Apr-16 23:41:56

I've had my eyelashes permed 3 times, but have decided it's not for me. I'm lucky enough to have long thick eyelashes. They are quite straight but do hold a curl when I curl them with the eyelash curlers.

When I first got them done I thought they looked amazing and everyone commented on them, but the 2nd and third time i got them done I found a few of my eyelashes were sore a few weeks on and they only way to get rid of the soreness was to pull the sore ones out 😳. I also found the last time I got them done they were VERY curly and they actually curled back on themselves making it difficult to apply eyeshadow and liner.
Maybe the beautician used the wrong rod, but the sore eyelashes put me off, as I ended up having gaps in my eyelashes.

If it was guaranteed my eyelashes would turn out they way they did when I first got them done I would definetly get them done again x

PretzelPrincess Sat 16-Apr-16 00:00:43

Check out LVL lashes, I've had great results with those

Shortandsweet20 Sat 16-Apr-16 00:06:32

Ive had LVL lashes and they were great but I got scared to put mascara on them!

I have ridiculously straight lashes but try waterproof mascara - loreal million lashes! Curl them for about 30 seconds and pump then apply! Mine stay curled for hours now! Normal mascara does nothing for me!!

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