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Nice PJs

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SexNamesRFab Fri 15-Apr-16 09:04:12

What do they look like and wear do you buy them from?

I've been defrumpung my wardrobe, which is going well, but it's made me realise my nightwear is a mess. I either have 18R slips, which are only suitable for seduction, or massive baggy shapeless (even maternity) shite I've been wearing for years. Is there an in between? Please show me.

MrsLettuce Fri 15-Apr-16 13:46:41

Satin pjs are nice to wear, silk nicer still. A lot of places do them.

notagiraffe Fri 15-Apr-16 13:52:14

White company do stylish PJs. Anthropologie do quite eccentric arty prints for £££££ and White Stuff do similar for a fraction of the price. Personally I love Primark PJs. Best I've ever found. They are made of supersoft cotton jersey, wash well, hold their colour and shape far better than M&S ones, for example, and have a massive range of styles and colours to choose from, as well as being cheap.

AnotherEmma Fri 15-Apr-16 13:55:40

I like 100% cotton PJs which are annoyingly not always easy to find. My favourites are from Gap.

IToldYouIWasFreaky Fri 15-Apr-16 13:56:58

I love the Hush ones that I bough in a sale about 5 years ago. They are still going strong, even though I had to replace the tie at the waist of the trousers.

Or Primark as notagiraffe says. Really good quality for the price (though they are getting more expensive..I looked at some pj trousers the other day for £7!! shock)

Nibbl3s Fri 15-Apr-16 13:59:26

new look
marks and spencer

mayhew Fri 15-Apr-16 13:59:29

My favourite pj bottoms are from Sainsburys! Soft with a roll top waist like yoga pants. Worn with a soft shirt. Not scruffy at all.

missmoon Fri 15-Apr-16 17:04:52

I bought a couple from Hush, they look great and are very comfy!

missmoon Fri 15-Apr-16 17:05:54

Just to add, before finding the ones in Hush I searched high and low and couldn't find anything I liked. Either too girlie or too frumpy....

Krampus Fri 15-Apr-16 17:09:13

mayhew I agree about the Sainsbo roll top ones.

I went to get some new ones recently and they dont seem to have them in our local store.

AmethystMoon Fri 15-Apr-16 17:12:36

Hush here too. Nice light cotton for their summer ones. I've just got the flamingo print ones. And for winter nice fleecy cotton, I got the navy stag print ones last year.
Great longer length means no more ankle swinging PJs if you're above five foot five.
Come up large, so I wear ML and am a 12 but they are big on me, but that's how I like them. I could wear a S easily.

AnotherEmma Fri 15-Apr-16 18:15:05

Just looked up Hush. £50 for a pair of PJs?! Seriously?!!

swimster01 Fri 15-Apr-16 18:18:04

I really like the Boden pyjama bottoms and pair them up with vests/t-shirts from Primark

RJnomore1 Fri 15-Apr-16 18:19:13

Dh buys me jasper conran at debenhams pjs every Christmas and they're lovely

Fairylea Fri 15-Apr-16 18:19:36

Good old Tesco blushblush I just love comfy pjs, if they're pretty it's a bonus but mostly I just like 100% cotton short sleeved t shirt top and bottom type things in a size 20ish even though I'm a 16 so they are absolutely comfortable. I'm the queen of comfort! grin

Pinkcadillac Fri 15-Apr-16 20:47:12


Artandco Fri 15-Apr-16 20:52:21

Calvin Klein. I like ones that look vaguely clothes like so if I'm home and not dressed I appear vaguely dressed to anyone who knocks.

I think pjs re a good investment. £50 for pjs is fine if they last. I only have two pairs ( don't actually wear pjs in bed), and bought one over 10 years go and looks just as new as a pair I bought last year.

Those who get pjs every Christmas, don't you have way too many pairs?

notagiraffe Sat 16-Apr-16 18:22:18

I'm a PJ junkie. I have about 10 pairs. The only ones I hate are 2 pairs of M&S ones I bought before I discovered Primark. They are baggy and shapeless but really soft cotton. My White Stuff ones are falling apart but so beautiful. I used to wear them out for dinner in the evening when i first got them, they were so beautiful.

stumblymonkey Sat 16-Apr-16 18:31:54

After this thread I trotted off in a metaphorical sense to eBay and picked up a pair of brand new Calvin Klein PJ bottoms for ten squid. grin

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