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Did anyone just not get on at all with the Korean products? am I even doing it right?

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Buddahbelly Thu 14-Apr-16 20:18:29

Im a sucker for anything on here so all excited I bought a few sheet masks, sleeping masks, the snail moisturiser, a few Cosrx products, the konjac sponge (now this I do love) and a few other bits.

I was expecting my skin to be all glowy as most people described and instead if anything my face is redder, more blotchy and slightly rashy which spreads down to my chest. I've tried introducing 1 at a time, the worst one I tried was the snail moisturiser as that brought me out in the rash everytime I used it, the cosrx stuff just stunk and I hated using it.

I wash the with sponge first, then use the cosrx clarifying lotion, I pat on the snail stuff (or now my own shiseido moisturiser), then finish it off with a sleeping mask.

twice a week I alternate the clarifying lotion with the cosrx whitehead power lotion. I want beautiful skin like I see in all the youtube videos. and once a week I do a sheet mask. Am I doing it all wrong or should i just give up?

CoolToned Thu 14-Apr-16 20:25:41

Not sure too. Of course, their skincare helps but I think it has more to do with their genetics and the fact that they do not let sun touch their skin. They use sunblock, umbrella, etc. And youth. Oh and their makeup products are really, really, really glowy.

My skin looked like that few years ago (I'm Asian). And I was not using anything special, just sunblock and Physiogel cream. Now age has caught up - but trying to fight it with glycolic and tretinoin. :P Several months ago I noticed my skin was dull. Turned out I had surface dryness which was taken care of by the glycolic.

Buddahbelly Thu 14-Apr-16 20:36:07

Im actually wondering if i should stop using the acids as found in the whitehead powder as my skin is looking really red. it doesn't sting or anything but i used to be able to get away with a powder 2 in 1 foundation and now i need full foundation to conceal the redness.

Just wondered if im putting it on in the right order or is something fighting with something else that im using.

MrsT2007 Thu 14-Apr-16 20:55:13

I've gone a bit Korean skincare but I've had a real spotty outbreak which is now settling

I double cleanse (oil and hot water + Muslin) then wash with Konjac sponge
Sometimes use a Paula's choice toner if I am spotty
Hado labo lotion toner
Serum (using up my boots p&p)
Moisturiser (garnier hydrobomb)

MrsT2007 Thu 14-Apr-16 20:56:39

Sheet mask once a week
Use dry clay and Paula's choice as spot zapper mask!

NewYearSameMe Thu 14-Apr-16 21:08:17

I tried a few different Korean things, some that I have kept and some that didn't work for me. There was a good eye cream, I forget the name, but then I tried Neal's Yard Frankincense Intense eye cream and that was better. I use the Konjac sponge and I absolutely love Mizon Snail Repair Cream.

Was it the Mizon Snail cream that you tried or another brand? I'm very sensitive to all sorts of things but I found this quite calming on my skin.

I didn't get on with sheet masks, the benefits weren't worth effort, and some of them gave me a rash.

None of the Korean cleansers worked for me, they were all too drying or gave me a rash. I use Bodyshop Camomile balm a couple of times a week now.

I've given up on acid toners, they all make me look sore and blotchy.

Buddahbelly Thu 14-Apr-16 21:15:34

Yes it was the Mizon brand, when you say you loved it what exactly did you notice that worked, maybe im expecting too much of it?

botemp Thu 14-Apr-16 21:15:37

I'll be honest, I'm very much on the fence too. I'm now a few months in with incorporating some Korean products into an already well established routine and only bought things that would be a welcome addition or replace something else. I never went in thinking it would be amazing and superior, there were plenty of hesitations and critical notes. I've always had Japanese products in my routine and I'll never be a full convert, I incorporate what works and ignore what doesn't on either side (WB/AB).

I always wanted to try the SK-II essence but found it too pricey for what it was. Currently I am enjoying the Missha dupe but I bought that knowing that it would do what I want from it. Certain ingredients just work well with my skin (in this case fermented ingredients and niacinamide) and though it is from Korea I tend to regard this as a Japanese style product.

I have the Cosrx bha toner, still on the fence about it's efficacy but I'm pretty sure I'll be buying Paula's Choice again when it's done despite my various objections to that brand's style of marketing and texture of the product.

A serum I'm trialling hasn't wowed me instantly but it's still early days. It's a nice maintenance serum to have and does well for the price, I don't however find it competing with a western serum at the expected price level it would be sold here for.

Sheet masks- I haven't even bothered with Korean ones, they're pretty pricey getting them shipped here individually so I did my research. A lot are loaded with alcohol or synthetic fragrance, neither of which I like slathering on my face. I bought premium silk Taiwanese ones (still working my way through the variety which I find an issue in and of itself, it's like playing Russian roulette while you wait if you react to it or not) and some simple no nonsense Japanese ones instead. I thought I'd love the fancy Taiwanese ones that everyone in AB adores instead I love the paired back Japanese ones that everyone else snides at a bit for being cheap and not packed individually.

That's my issue really, whenever I look into Korean products they get discarded on their ingredient lists (either too overly complex with unnecessary stuff in v. small quantities or simply potentially irritating), a lot of their 'star' products I just won't try and I end up with Japanese products. I always thought the "there's way too many products" spiel in Korean beauty was unfair criticism but I find myself agreeing the more I look into it, I want pared down and effective formulas. I tend to take the view that if a product isn't delivering you don't tack on another one in the hope it does in synergy, you find something that works instead. I find stories of people sheetmasking daily, or even twice a day to get their 'glow' and hydration in excessive and I'd fear my skin would just become more and more dependant on these measures instead of working for itself. Maybe I'm stuck in my Japanese comfort zone but the Koreans are really failing to entice so far.

NewYearSameMe Thu 14-Apr-16 21:23:01

I like that the Snail cream tightens up on my skin and makes it feel smooth, it also seems to help any little irritated patches heal over. I also put it on little patches of psoriasis on my arms and shoulders and it's helpful in reducing the itch and flakiness.

NewYearSameMe Thu 14-Apr-16 21:24:02

It doesn't really moisturise much though, I generally need something else as well.

Buddahbelly Thu 14-Apr-16 21:47:26

Thanks everyone. newyear it does make my skin feel tighter slightly but as you say I find it only lasts short time and then I need something else on top.

I've always used shiseido products especially love the correcting serum which ive now run out of and I've really noticed my skin has gone worse for it, as I don't think my skin appreciates the aha's & bha's. Ive not noticed a massive difference when using either of them , I think ill continue to use the clarifying lotion just to use the bottle up really, and stock up on my serum tomorrow.

The mizon will go along with the sheet masks, I've used tony moly egg pore for a few years now ans find that gives me better results than any sheet mask i've tried. I do love the sleeping mask, I bought an innisfree green tea one, love how refreshing it feels. I guess its just the spending money for something i see no results on that frustrates me!

I'l also be going back to my shiseido cleanser which I've nearly used all off too so will be on the look out for a cleanser. I definitely rate the japanese products more than the Korean ones.

phoolani Fri 15-Apr-16 21:15:34

I went a bit Korean - snail and returning starfish - and was unimpressed. I didn't notice any positive changes and I got more spots in the first two months than I'd had in the previous 20 years, tho at the time I was experimenting with actually taking care of my skin for the first time ever and was loading other products in, so it may have been down to that rather than the Korean stuff alone.

MrsT2007 Fri 15-Apr-16 22:41:46

Well looking at the new body shop ranges they've done similar: cleanse, toning lotion, oil/ampoules and cream.

So tbh to save hassle I'm sticking with products I can get easily here.

I definitely think double cleansing is fab. And it might not be Korean but using BHA is definitely helping my skin too.

CoolToned Sat 16-Apr-16 10:39:01

I am on the fence. I do think Japanese brands are superior, not just their skincare, but especially makeup.

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