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Help! One month to improve.

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nousernames Thu 14-Apr-16 07:24:19

DD is getting christened in one month and I've just had the realisation that unless I do something I'm going to look pretty shitty in the photographs and possibly feel uncomfortable on the day.

I'm about a stone and a half overweight, my hair is in crap condition and I just look permanently knackered. My sister (dd's godparent) is a stunning blonde size 8 and dh has not been aged by parenthood in the way I have.

I'm in the last part of my maternity leave so don't really have money to burn but feasibly what could I do in a month that is free or cheap to make myself look better? And if I planked every day for a month, would that get rid of my baby belly?

Hopefully Thu 14-Apr-16 07:29:56

I would do something like 30 day shred or any other quick workout dvd/YouTube video. Cut out processed carbs as far as possible, drink tons more water, eat more fruit and veg, do your best to get enough sleep (easier said than done if you have a shit sleeper).

Get in the habit of regular handcream, cleansing and moisturising twice a day and wearing a little bit of make up, if you don't already, so you don't feel totally different if you wear make up at the christening.

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