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I need help. 32 years old and feel so clueless, shopping trip in 2 weeks

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fraggle84 Wed 13-Apr-16 19:28:06

I have lost all my confidence in clothes shopping.

I look a mess and due to 2 pregnancies I've hardly got any clothes I feel comfortable in.

I'm going to Leeds in 2 weeks for a new wardrobe but no idea where to start or even what shops

I'm 5'10, size 18.

no longer work due to a physical disability so no work clothes needed just things for home/school run and the odd meal out

AutumnRose1988 Wed 13-Apr-16 19:45:15

Hi Fraggle,

Really lovely to hear you are treating yourself :-)

I don't live far from Leeds and it's a great place to go shopping for a new wardrobe!

I think you need to go somewhere for a cracking pair of jeans, a good pair of jeans is a god send because they can be so flattering and can be dressed up and dressed down etc.

Dresses with opaque tights and boots or ballet pumps and a longish cardigan is a nice look and don't forget your accessories i.e scarves, chunky bracelets etc.

Canvas trousers, Breton striped tops and denim jackets are all lovely too perhaps brightened up with some red ballet flats. I don't know what M&S is like in Leeds but the one in Meadowhall has had some beautiful stuff in for girls our age.

And don't forget your accessories and perhaps a couple of pairs of cheap sandals from primark to go with different looks and a good plaid shirt is good too.

A wrap dress would suit your figure by the sounds of things too for meals out xx

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