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Protect and perfect? Or Lift and luminate? Aaaaargh TOO MUCH CHOICE!!!!

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UhtredRagnorsson Wed 13-Apr-16 18:23:31

Boots have brought out a new miracle serum that is properly clinically proven (I believe this since the P&P ones were). Lift and Luminate. I currently use protect and perfect and I think it's good. But...should I swap to L&L? There seems to be no guidance on which product is for who. I am confused. I am stressed. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!!! I don't use a lot of beauty stuff, I don't really know what I'm doing - just P&P serum morning and night with the relevant face cream/moisturiser, then if I'm going out, basic foundation and that's it.So, a fairly minimal routine but it works ok. But now I am RIVEN with doubt because perhaps I should be using L&L not P&P??? I'm late 40s, good skin, no wrinkles as far as I can tell, reasonably firm skinbut with the potential to be...not, thus the serum I currently use. I look about ten years younger than I am apparently, if you can see my face (even more if you can't, because I'm small). While I don't aspire to eternal youth and wouldn't have a problem looking the age I m if I did, given that I don't, I don't overly want to appear to age ten or more years practically overnight. Managed decline wouldn't be a problem but ratty skin would so I will stick to a regime, I just am no longer sure the one I have is the one I should have, IYSWIM.

Can anyone help? Does anyone know which product I should be using?

Kennington Wed 13-Apr-16 18:41:57

Lift and luminate moisturiser contains Shea butter so very likely to clog pores - I get spots if shea butter is high on the ingrediants list
Perfect and protect moisturisers contains a decent amount of sun protection and some retinol and is a good base for make up, in my opinion, due to the dimethicone
I also like glycerin

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