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Help me find the perfect necklace

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Bodicea Tue 12-Apr-16 19:09:40

Recently inherited a thousand pound from my grandma and rather than put it in the bank and fritter it away I would like to spend a portion of it on a nice necklace I can wear all the time.
I would quite like a gold pendant. Simple but not so simple it's boring. I quite like those bee necklaces but think they are bit too popular now. My gold necklace I used to wear all the time was a daisy knights gold vermail pendant in the shape of a sharks tooth.( too give an idea of what I like) but it broke. It doesnt have to be an animal by the way.
Struggling to find something I love from usual places such as John Lewis.

MrsT2007 Tue 12-Apr-16 19:31:29

Have a look at Alex Munro and his other stuff rather than the bee.

Heather Scott taught me smithing and her stuff is lovely too.

Bodicea Tue 12-Apr-16 19:55:54

Ooh I quite like the juicy pear from Alex Munro

Dancergirl Tue 12-Apr-16 21:24:34

Have a look at Sheila Fleet, beautiful stuff

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Tue 12-Apr-16 21:31:36

Go get something made so that it actually says something about you.

I have concentric circles in varying gold tones (white, rose and yellow) and it's very simple. Everyone comments on it as it is very effective and looks amazing on.

Wee local jeweller did it for me. I had a bit of old gold to use as well so he used that for one of the circles and it lowered the price again.

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