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Brighton / Sussex recommends please - restylane / Botox

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Youknowitmakessense Tue 12-Apr-16 15:13:43

Hi all,

Nearly 40. Undergone a mini transformation since son was born 5 years ago.

I've started running ( even did a half marathon in February) , started taking care of myself, have good haircut, decent skincare, nice makeup and quality well- made clothes for first time ever.

I've had to become the major earner in our family, and the confidence taking care of myself has given me has been invaluable.

Inevitably I've got some fine lines around the eyes and mouth, number 11s, and slightly sagging eyelids.

I want a freshen up. I do t want to look frozen in time, just fresher.

I live near Brighton, but looking for any Sussex recommends.

Youknowitmakessense Tue 12-Apr-16 18:43:53

Just a wee bumpity

Youknowitmakessense Tue 12-Apr-16 18:44:07

And one more

Youknowitmakessense Tue 12-Apr-16 18:45:02


Youknowitmakessense Tue 12-Apr-16 18:57:58


Youknowitmakessense Wed 13-Apr-16 12:13:17

One last go

StrugglingNT Wed 13-Apr-16 13:22:48

I go to a really good nurse in Shoreham by Sea if you would like her details. I used to go to Tracy Mountford's clinic in London but I would say this the nurse I see locally is at least as good, if not better, and her prices are very reasonable. She does everything by the book and insists on a consultation before treatment, which I wasn't used to, but actually I found it really helpful. I have had botox and fillers and am very happy with the results. I can PM you her details if you are interested.

Youknowitmakessense Wed 13-Apr-16 19:59:34

Thank you strugglingnt!

I actually went to hove today and had some Botox before I got your PM.

The coincidence is, I actually live in shoreham by sea!!! So I have kept hold of your recommendation for next time

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