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Best straighteners?

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MsFrazzles Tue 12-Apr-16 11:24:17

My straighteners have just given up the ghost - they were cheapo ones that I'd had for years and haven't used them much for ages, but I've just had my hair cut into a bob and now I really have to run over the ends or it kinks out all weirdly.

Can anyone recommend some? I don't want to spend loads as my hair isn't the thick, tricky kind that takes ages to straighten every day, it's just to smooth and de-kink my fine straight bob. Thanks!

TulipStream Tue 12-Apr-16 18:49:02

I have the thin ghd ones, one pair is over 10 years old and still works perfect. Design hasn't changed that much, I purchased a new pair last year just because they had a new pattern and I hadn't bought any new ones in 10 years.

Id definitely say they're the best brand of straightners Ive ever owned

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