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Half curly and half straight hair - help!

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xinchao Tue 12-Apr-16 10:50:11

I always had wavy hair but since having my son a couple of years ago I now have really curly hair at the back of my head and straight (or slightly wavy) hair at the sides and front. It looks...ridiculous. I have tried lots of different curly creams with varying degrees - at best I get really lovely curly hair at the back and textured hair at sides/front. Ideally, I'd like it curly or more wavy all over! Any suggestions? I have a shoulder length bob...

I have read about different shampoo techniques which might help or layers maybe? Anyone have any experience if this?

Thanks curly haired ladies!

hollieberrie Tue 12-Apr-16 11:18:13

I have reluctant wavy hair, also in a shoulder length bob.
I have tried plopping etc but it's not really curly enough for that so what I tend to do is:
wash hair, quick blow dry just the front section so my parting is how I like it, twist damp hair into a loose twisty bun, leave for several hours (often go to work with it like this), let hair out of bun and scrunch with bumble and bumble texturising stuff or boots curl cream.
Then I get lovely waves which last for a couple of days. smile

hollieberrie Tue 12-Apr-16 11:25:17

Also yes, get some layers put in - that helps to encourage the wave.

Pisssssedofff Tue 12-Apr-16 11:33:58

I have exactly the same and unfortunately one length is the only way to go for me do the weight drags the curl down to my shoulders at least and after that it can do what it wants frankly ..... Layers mean I end up with bits sticking out all over the shop .... The photo but much longer is the end game but god it's taking forever

xinchao Tue 12-Apr-16 12:37:37

Oh Pissssss yours is so much more curly than mine at the front!

hollie - I shall try the bun! So worried about the sticky out layers!

BettyBi0 Tue 12-Apr-16 16:35:50

I have the same - super curly underneath and nearly straight on top. If I leave it to dry naturally it looks like I've got really curly hair but just straightened the bits at the front I can see haha.

Layers have been a disaster for me as it just emphasises the 2 different textures.

I tried doing the whole curly girl method to see if I could get the front/ top bits to join in but got sick of how time consuming it was and having permanently wet hair in the winter. Hair always looked a mess too.

Now I'm just doing a super quick blow dry. I do the Sali Hughes side to side fringe thing on the front to get rid of my cow lick. Then I just roughly dry the rest and tie it all back into a tight twisty bun while warm. It kind of stretches out the tighter curls underneath and gives a bit of movement to to staighter top bits. Then later on day 1 and day 2-3 I can wear it down and it looks okish.

I've been toying with the idea of perming just the straight bits but not sure if that would just be crazy.

xinchao Wed 13-Apr-16 02:24:42

Right, definitely trying the bun thing. Might work. I don't have access to a decent hairdresser where I am so will put the layers idea on hold.

Betty I am also thinking of perming the front but also thinking that might be madness. Plus see above re quality of hairdressers where I am! Let me know how it goes if you try it wink

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