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Skincare for blocked pores

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porsmork Mon 11-Apr-16 21:19:59

What are your recommendations for clearing blocked pores? I have fair (slightly sensitive) skin, rarely get spots or whiteheads, but have a lot of blocked pores (not blackheads) in the usual t-zone.
I should drink more water, but would love suggestions for face wash, exfoliation and masks that work well, and any other tips! Currently I just wash my face with water, and only wear make up a couple of times a week. (Though I should wear it more often!)
Any tips for getting rid of a double chin and drippy eyelids also very welcome!
Thanks wise mumsnet!!

botemp Mon 11-Apr-16 21:29:37

I'm been a convert to this technique for blocked pores, do it once a fortnight now but have always had decent results with just a weekly clay mask too, which is what I suggest you try first.

General advice for a routine, start with cleansers (use a flannel and a sink, avoid the shower for face) and a moisturiser to figure out what works for your skin type and then move on to the next product. Slow and steady is the way to go here, I'm talking weeks between products. There's no sense in bombarding your skin with a ton of product when you're only using water now.

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