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I need an interview outfit - help!

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AvocadosAtLaw Mon 11-Apr-16 20:18:38

I apologise in advance for my complete lack of style knowledge. I'm about to graduate from my masters program and am applying to jobs. The roles are generally very technical and with very big companies (degree is Computer Science and I'm staying within that specialism).

I'm 5'5, long legs and arms (so nothing that's full length on the arms as they won't fit), size 6-8. White blonde hair (bleached), blue eyes, but very 'ginger' skin - lots of freckles and very pale. Big thick-rimmed glasses. Nothing in the way of boobs and I really hate showing my legs so no skirts or dresses.

My usual 'go to' smart outfit is a pair of black skinny trousers, a navy and white breton t-shirt, and a black blazer with 3/4 length arms and suede elbow patches grin. It's been the same outfit since I was 18 and I'm now mid-20s so need to update it and try and look a bit more sophisticated.

I look best in dark greens and blues.

Any help please? I've not got a massive budget and would prefer to spend under £100 for everything.

Gillybobs Tue 12-Apr-16 09:19:39

Id stick with black ankle grazing trousers and a black blazer and just upgrade your top to a blouse type fabric, maybe in the blue or green that suits you? Zara are great for smarter tops. If you need a new blazer on a budget it would be worth looking nice H and M or New Look

Gillybobs Tue 12-Apr-16 09:20:33

Looking in, not looking nice. Autocorrect fail

amarmai Tue 12-Apr-16 17:48:11

i like ankle grazing but on your long legs they might look too short IMO. what do you think of the wider leg long pants Also longer than the wrist blouses are having a mo & the cuffs are meant to show , which wd allow you to wear a full length sleeve jacket which you wd not usually. Also again, the same sleeve can be folded back if you want to wear a sleeveless top under it. My dd got her interview suits at H&M- some of their stores have a better selection than others, so call their HQ and ask which one.

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