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Has anyone had any experience with the indiba machine for wrinkles and fine lines?

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singingsixpence82 Mon 11-Apr-16 17:47:27

I did a search and the question was asked once before on mumsnet back in 2011 and nobody replied but I'm wondering if that's changed since then? A clinic I've been to for other things does it but they say they're the only clinic in Scotland to have the machine. I'm slightly curious about this. Surely if the machine worked then lots of clinics would have one? But if it didn't work they wouldn't have bought it in the first place. They also say they do free taster sessions for it and that results can be seen from the first treatment - I don't know why they would do it if it didn't work. But then why are they the only ones in Scotland that have it? I might as well go for a free session but I think I have to wait for an open day and was just wondering if it would be worth my time.

PoppyW Fri 10-Mar-17 15:08:09

It's actually because it's a really expensive device! Especially if it's the medical one (usually only used by medical professionals not beauticians they have a less powerful version I think)
I looked into it as I wanted to not have Botox etc as it's toxic. They have a lot of research and not just in aesthetics! I ended up going to Lisa Franklin in London for Indiba as she also belives in using non toxic stuff like creams. I have mine now in blocks through the year, Love it!!!!!! smile

Jmangel Fri 10-Mar-17 17:50:16

What kind of results have you had Poppy W and how long do the effects last for? Is it more for sagging, jowls, eye bags etc.? This is weird as I was looking at a Multi Polaris treatment today which looks a little like this - does it use radiofrequency to stimulate collagen production? The therapist said I would need 6 treatments 2 weeks apart then one every 2 months as maintenance - they are £50 per session and mainly focus on the eyes for bags. Was thinking about this before resorting to fillers or thread lift - getting desperate!!

PoppyW Wed 15-Mar-17 10:10:52

All radiofrequency machines are different. I have a science and medical background so I really looked into it (hence why I won't have Botox treatments! I've seen what happens in hospital when thAt goes wrong and someone has a reaction, just can't imagine having that injected in my face!)
Anyways, I looked at some of the "beauty" devices and the "medical" devices.
The difference is how these are classified and therefore who can use them. Some radiofrequency devices have side effects of burns if not used right (thermage was one that came up the most however this seems to be because you have one really high heat treatment and it's painful!)
I then was on holiday in Monico and came across Indiba. So started looking into that one as I hadn't heard about it before. Found out they had it in Harvey Nic's and some other centres on Harley street (prob more around now).
When I compared ones like the Elixes elite etc they just didn't have the published medical research to back up their claims. I then found out that Indiba had altered their radiofrequency output over the years to one they had proven was optimal for human cells! At that point I was sold. They have even got medical research published on accelerated healing as it's used in professional sport also its effects on cancer cells (showing it killed these not increased them although this was done directly on cells not in the human body). That was pretty much enough for me to try it (told you I was thorough!!)
I found it really relaxing, apparently because they have the best frequency they don't need such high heat like other devices.
I saw results after first session (my frown line was definitely not as creased!)
My skin just looked healthier and I felt great, really relaxed. Over the treatments and after I noticed my skin was really youthful, my lips were plumper too, my skin can be dry by working in surgery but it isn't anymore. I have 6 treatments in a block then leave it 2/3 months and have 1 or two top ups then leave it again 2/3 months and then have another 4/6 treatments. I just go off what I feel I need and what my skin is like. I don't know about how often of other devices but Indiba you can use as much as you want as it doesn't do any damage. I've got a friend who bought an Indiba device to use on her arthritis at home! She swears by it for her knees and back! I'm quite jealous. Another had a treatment recently on her c-section to speed up healing and to get rid of the pouch she had and that has really worked!!

I hope that's helpful, maybe someone else maybe able to tell you how they found that specific device, I just know I wouldn't have anything other than Indiba now! 🤗

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