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Someone please help, I need a dress!

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Crusoe Mon 11-Apr-16 05:44:37

Please can any of you help? I am going round in circles here.
I need a dress for a special evening out in a couple of weeks. I am 5ft 5 size 10/12 I don't like the tops of my arms so either need a dress with sleeves or something I can wear a little cardi thing with. I like flutter sleeves.
Legs are good but I'm late 40's and don't want to go too short.
Hate my stomach so nothing too hugging there.
Colour - don't really mind, I love navy!
£100 or less to spend.
There must be something to suit but I can't find it. Tried in a few in phase 8 but the prints swallowed me up and I looked like my mum. Prefer plain to busy prints.
Thanks in advance.
Ps someone posted a gorgeous Ralph Lauren tone dress with flutter sleeves on here a few weeks ago. Loved it now sadly sold out. Something similar would be great.

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