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Hush grey scatter star Tshirt

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OutwardBound2016 Sun 10-Apr-16 22:11:15

Does anyone have this? Is it decent quality? I have dresses/skirts/trousers from Hush but not tops, are they overpriced?. I usually hate logos/printing but for some reason love this!

Cakescakescakes Sun 10-Apr-16 22:32:00

I love it too and also wondering how it comes up size wise. I'm a 10-12 on top (closer to a 12) and not sure which to order.

skippy67 Mon 11-Apr-16 09:09:00

I love it too, but it's been out of stock in all sizes for weeks.

deathb4decaf Mon 11-Apr-16 10:48:00

I'm after this top too, I asked them when it's back in stock and they said early to mid May.

Greengardenpixie Mon 11-Apr-16 11:37:06

I have the feather tee and if you are a 10/12 I would recommend buying the small. I suppose it depends upon the fit. I have the small feather tee and it fits me perfectly. I am a 32F in the bust if that helps. I don't think there will be much difference between the feather and the scattered star tee tbh. I also have the feather tee in white and find that better quality than the grey one but I do prefer the look of the grey one.
Very tempted to buy the white and gold scatter tee though!!!

Greengardenpixie Mon 11-Apr-16 11:38:07

As for washing, the actual tee washes fine. The gold goes a bit dull after repeated washing but it hasn't come off at all.

Dancergirl Mon 11-Apr-16 12:16:07

Lovely t-shirt, wonder if the grey will come back into stock....?

OutwardBound2016 Mon 11-Apr-16 13:16:08

Thanks everyone! Going to stalk the Hush website to see if it comes the meantime might buy the feather one....

OutwardBound2016 Tue 12-Apr-16 18:31:19

I emailed Hush, apparently not expecting and stock back this season, there may be customer returns but that's it sad

deathb4decaf Tue 12-Apr-16 18:58:49

They told me early- mid May! Humph.

Pippin8 Tue 12-Apr-16 19:10:48

I've been stalking the website too! I like the white & gold, but really wanted the grey as I've already got a white tee from there.

Hmmm, what to do? I want the black ruched skirt aswell.

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