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Has anyone tried Eden perfumes? ( "inspired by"designer brand but cruelty free

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Mumtodogs Sun 10-Apr-16 17:20:35

I only buy cruelty free, not a massive problem for make up and toiletries but I must admit to missing my old favourite perfumes . I was looking online earlier and found a brighton based company called Eden that do cruelty free perfumes which are similar to the designer brands....I've ordered one to see if it's any good but wondered if anyone has tried them? Hopefully noome will tell me they're crap as mine hasn't arrived yet and I'm quite excited about wearing my old favourite Clinique perfume again !

joh75 Sun 10-Apr-16 17:40:44

Hi I have bought a few perfumes from them and have been really pleased. I am currently using their version of Clinique Aromatics and I love it, the scent is very similar and the fragrance really lasts. Have also bought Clinique Happy which again is v similar to the actual version.
The first one I tried was their version of Tom Ford White Patchouli. Really good value for £15 and have no parabens/nasties. Hope you are as pleased when you receive yours!

IdentityRequest1 Sun 10-Apr-16 18:12:14

Off topic, MumtoDogs, but would you mind sharing your favourite makeup/toiletry brands?

Mumtodogs Sun 10-Apr-16 22:25:59

Of course- happy to share ideas! , for make up I like Barry M( i really have far too many nail polishes!) superdrug own brand( B) and GOSH is really good lip colours particularly nice - all available in superdrug . urban decay occasionally if I'm feeling flush, although I don't think it's ant better than the other brands. For super cheap ,MUA is available from superdrug- lipsticks are about a quid! I also use some Liz Earle products - like the cream blush ( although the Barry M twist up one is equally good and only a fiver) Marks and Spencer is all cruelty free - I have a few perfumes from them. The unfortunately named Isis is very much like Issey Mistake.
For toiletries- i use superdrug and co op own brand for toothpaste, mouthwash,deodorant etc- not tested on animals and cheaper than the big brands.
Shampoo - currently loving Body Shop rainforest range.
I love molton brown for indulgent bsth products , or lush for fun stuff .

IdentityRequest1 Mon 11-Apr-16 14:45:47

Ah, thanks for that - I mostly use Lush and Urban Decay. Although apparently Marc by Marc Jacobs is cruelty free, so I may investigate that nearer my birthday!

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