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Interview suit for the large of nork

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ocelot41 Sun 10-Apr-16 07:05:51

Help! Am job hunting but my wardrobe is very casual. Where can I find a good interview suit for slim (ish) but big of boob (32GG)? I looked at Pepperberry but the fabric isn't that good. I also found a lovely one at Saint Bustier but its a bit of a style statement and am not sure thats what you want at interview just in case there is a more trad member of the board. But do need something sharp to give me some much needed confidence!

ocelot41 Sun 10-Apr-16 07:09:26

Link to Saint Bustier one

herecomesthsun Sun 10-Apr-16 07:12:34

Get a personal shopper appointment at John Lewis or similar?

sphinxster Sun 10-Apr-16 07:14:17

That's very nice.

If you wanted to opt for something more boring , I find that Next shift dresses accommodate my 32G boobs without any pulling (and I can breath).

ocelot41 Sun 10-Apr-16 07:20:49

There's also this dress which looks like it does a similarly wrap-y thing up top. But again is it too much of a statement? Job is in creative area but for institution with conservative elements (if that isn't too cryptic). So don't want to look like Dullsville Woman at M and S but equally don't want to look less 'serious' than some panel members would want. Gah! Difficult balance to strike

MuttonCadet Sun 10-Apr-16 07:35:50

I'm a finance director and am now itching to buy the suit in your first link. It's fine for an interview.

MuttonCadet Sun 10-Apr-16 07:35:50

I'm a finance director and am now itching to buy the suit in your first link. It's fine for an interview.

ocelot41 Sun 10-Apr-16 07:43:17

Hahaha it's a beauty isn't it? I love 1940s stuff. Not entirely convinced by zips on hem of skirt though. Plus it looks like they have sold out in my size. How about this?
No lapel, can be worn open?

BikeRunSki Sun 10-Apr-16 07:47:34

I love that St Bustier suit. I'd wear it to an interview, and I work in a very traditional, non creative field.

Never heard of St Bustier, will take my 34Fs for an explore.

ocelot41 Sun 10-Apr-16 07:48:36

Will also look at Next and J Lewis - the personal shopper is a great idea Here as I don't have much time to browse. Anyone have experience of Hobbs? Are their jackets cut for norkage?

DessertOrDesert Sun 10-Apr-16 07:52:37

Yep, I don't do the jacket up, and wear a top rather than a shirt underneath.
Good luck with the interview - if it's close, you may not get the dress in time, it's currently pre order in your link?

ocelot41 Sun 10-Apr-16 07:55:45

I have a run of 4 coming up from late May onwards (Gulp). Kind of going for it this year.

Seems a lot of money to be spending on something I won't wear very often (am usually a tatty jeans and tees for playing in the park person). But first impressions really do count, so trying to save my pennies and think of it as an investment.

ocelot41 Sun 10-Apr-16 07:57:06

Be warned Bikerun - they stock Anglomania stuff! It is so ££££ and I can't think where I would ever wear it. But dear God, its beautiful...

ocelot41 Sun 10-Apr-16 08:02:26

Do report back if you find anything you like Bikerun! I am not against a but of thread derailment wink

Like the dress. The first jacket is fabulous. Not so keen on the last jacket linked. It's ok but I think is much more ordinary and less nork friendly.

ocelot41 Sun 10-Apr-16 08:10:05

OK, so the general consensus is for the Saint Bustier number? Not too bundled up for May interviews? The zips on the splits at the back of the skirt not too much? (Also kind of asking for ladders...Have emailed company to see when stock next in. If no go, I could get a nice silk top to go under the more straight forward navy jacket. Maybe emerald green? Or again, too much for an interview?

herecomesthsun Sun 10-Apr-16 08:29:27

I really like the style of the Gramercy jacket, but personally I would wonder how warm I was going to be - in an interview setting, you could be in a really warm building for example - and how it would work hanging open. The arrangement in the pics shows ties at the back. If you had to open your jacket would it be all fiddly and dangly rather than elegant and drapy?

(I speak as someone who is very attracted to the prospect of clothes that complement the shape of my figure but over the years have got used to anticipating issues with ties and belts etc.)

My last smart jacket was Gerald Darel from JL. It has the tailoring in the back, in special panelling to pull in the waist, and it hangs very elegantly from the front, very simple, but I can't see anything like that in the current range.

I have ordered Westwood on line in the past - and sent it all back disappointed. The fabric was manmade and unpleasant. It might well be that a higher price tag/ silk would be lovely though.

herecomesthsun Sun 10-Apr-16 08:31:21

NB It is really important to be comfy in interviews, you really don't want to be too hot, too cold, worrying about fiddly clothes or wearing painful shoes. However, I am sure that at this stage you know this perfectly well.

and good luck!!

ocelot41 Sun 10-Apr-16 08:36:28

You would think this would be a great gap in the market, wouldn't you? Entrepreneurs take heed! Will go and have a look at Gerald Darel

ocelot41 Sun 10-Apr-16 08:40:14

And that's exactly what I was thinking about heat Here - all sweaty or with the jacket open might ruin the effect. Anyhoo, have emailed the good folk at Saint Bustier to see if they have any more coming in in my size and if so, will ask about how you wear it open!

WhiteHairReally Sun 10-Apr-16 08:41:13

I love the St Bustier jacket, but wonder if it might actually be a bit wintery for late May? You could find yourself all trounced up in a perspiration inducing situation' aka an interview and it be a warm day. Not that I looked closely at the fabric of the suit.

I'm a similar norkage to you and 5'8 and find Hobbs jackets and dresses designed for Nicola Sturgeon not me. The waisted dresses end up as Empire line and the jackets are too boxy.

Have you looked at Bombshell by Katya Wildman? Another Nigella favourite like St Bustier but frocks, which might suit the summer interview? You can adjust the folds at the front to make the neckline more demure.
If you go the John Lewis Personal Shopper route, I hope you get a good one who listens. I've had very mixed experiences using the service. ( also the clothes available for them to select from can be rather boring, depending on point of the season.)
Let us know what you decide.

ocelot41 Sun 10-Apr-16 08:59:51

Thanks I love, love LOVE the bombshell dresses but think that I do need something more formal and jacket-y for an interview in my line of work. Would deffo wear one out for a date night with my husband though! fantasies about glamorous life where such a thing might happen rather than crashing on sofa in pjs with box set at 8pm

ocelot41 Sun 10-Apr-16 09:06:17

Oohh hello lover...--But not for interview..Must. Be. Disciplined--

ocelot41 Sun 10-Apr-16 09:30:11

What about this aubergine trouser suit? Although not sure whether cigarette pants will be flattering with thunder thighs...

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