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Please help me replace my perfect trousers

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KanyesVest Sat 09-Apr-16 23:48:31

These Mango ones which have been discontinued <sob>. I bought them 2 years ago in Spain and I've worn them to death. They are perfect - soft with the teensiest bit of stretch for shape, can be worn with heels, boots, sandals or runners, are great for work or weekend, are slim fit without clinging anywhere, sit in just the right spot on my hip bone, and are my perfect length but can still be rolled up on a nice day. Ideally I'd be buried in them, but it seems they will predecease me.

I can't find a replacement pair. Everything I've tried, and I've tried a lot of trousers, is too clingy or thrush inducing shiny polyester or, in the way of most trousers, simply aren't right. I have most recently been let down by Zara, and their magical changing room mirrors that made me think their basics cotton stretch straight leg trousers weren't bedroom mirror is more honest. Other attempts have been made in mango, h&m, m&s, next, new look, oasis and gap. Will I ever find a perfect pair of trousers again? <wails, beats breast, other dramatics>

KanyesVest Mon 11-Apr-16 11:21:49

Hopeful bump

botemp Mon 11-Apr-16 11:32:21

I'm just taken to the Mango homepage with your link so can't really know what you're looking for without a visual but have you tried looking here It's part of Mango but for whatever reason they don't promote or link to it at all.

hollieberrie Mon 11-Apr-16 15:17:37

Gap ultra skinny pants? My faves but also discontinued so only certain sizes left.
Or Gap bi-stretch skinny ankle pants - similar and also v nice.

KanyesVest Mon 11-Apr-16 18:18:07

Wayhey! The mango outlet has a pair! Thanks a million, never heard of it before.

Think I've tried the gap ultra skinnies, but they were too skinny sad

hollieberrie Mon 11-Apr-16 18:33:40

Hurrah. Please can you tell us the name of them? I might try them too!

AimUnder Mon 11-Apr-16 18:36:57

Please can you share the name please, I'd like to try them please. Thanks smile

Pootlebug Mon 11-Apr-16 18:42:04

Marking place for the name too!

botemp Mon 11-Apr-16 18:48:41

Don't tell them Kanye, buy them all and poke lots of holes in them instead and present them as your next collection for New York Fashion Week, the world needs more post-apocalypse fashion statements wink.

Sorry... couldn't resist, love the username.

KanyesVest Tue 12-Apr-16 19:17:10

They won't link for me, but if you put the code 33070162 in the search box, you should find them.

That bloody site is dangerous, the trousers were €6, and €100 worth of other stuff just fell into my basket hmm

Don't worry, botemp, the new collection is underwear as outer wear and the nn is guerrilla marketing <taps nose>

AimUnder Tue 12-Apr-16 21:47:55

Kanyes, thanks! Unfortunately they don't have my size

hollieberrie Tue 12-Apr-16 22:24:17

Thanks Kanye - I have ordered.
Can't wait for your new collection - sounds inspired. < fangirling wave > blush

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