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I won £108 - what would you spend it on?

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Minshu Sat 09-Apr-16 23:25:32

I had my money on Rule the World today. What would you spend your winnings on? £108 smile

Helenwiththebigmelons Sat 09-Apr-16 23:26:52

Cake cake

Minshu Sat 09-Apr-16 23:29:44

Yes, cake. & wine & chocolate

scotsgirl64 Sat 09-Apr-16 23:35:10

Perfume/ lipstick ,Prosecco and flowers.....and cake!

I'd spend £50 on a meal out with dp and the dds. A fiver on an enormous bunch of daffs. The rest on books or new shoes.

EdYouKateShaun Sat 09-Apr-16 23:45:16

I'd donate it to a charity for ex racehorses. I'm honestly not usually so prissy but horse racing is horrid.

Jaimx86 Sat 09-Apr-16 23:48:13

Agree with Ed. or put it towards my weekly shop.

Actually perfume is a good idea - the dds will have to do without a meal! grin

Minshu Sat 09-Apr-16 23:50:41

Could have sworn I posted this is S&B. Will request deletion.

This is S&B - but cake and wine seem to be v popular! smile

Minshu Sat 09-Apr-16 23:53:54

I have requested deletion of thread.

squoosh Sun 10-Apr-16 00:13:16

Well done!

I'd buy 4 Chanel lipsticks! Cos why the hell not.

CoolToned Sun 10-Apr-16 00:18:31

SUQQU foundation

Helenwiththebigmelons Sun 10-Apr-16 00:25:42

Sorry my cake suggestion isn't good enough for you OP. Enjoy your vanity spend you vain lady you grin

Sorry, I've had too many drinks

I don;t understand why the thread needs deleting. Am I being dim?

How about a haircut and manicure?
A dress?

CoolToned Sun 10-Apr-16 00:39:00

Maybe the poster who said she requested deletion was just joking?

I'd like a cake too. smile

leccybill Sun 10-Apr-16 00:42:05

I'd buy some fab shapewear and a pair of frivolous trainers. Maybe a couple of bright nail polishes,or a set of gels.

Kirriemuir Sun 10-Apr-16 08:43:47

Your thread doesn't need deleted. These comments come round once a year. It's the same when crufts is on. Everyone is suddenly an expert.

Anyway, enjoy your winnings. I'd go with movie night and a takeaway for the family and then a wonder around a bookshop and department store to see what takes my fancy during the week followed by a quiet coffee somewhere.

TyrannosaurusBex Sun 10-Apr-16 08:55:06

Maybe don't mention where you got the money if you don't want people judging. Four dead horses, but hey, you get to buy some cheap clothes. Well done.

ExConstance Sun 10-Apr-16 10:14:40

I have a £100 love to shop voucher I'm finding difficult to spend as I don't like much in teh shops you can use it in. I've sort of decided to treat myself to some Elle McPherson intimates items and a lipstick. One bra and two pairs of knickers will add up to that much.

notamummy10 Sun 10-Apr-16 11:25:29

I would put it in my saving account, I'm saving up for a Michael Kors bag!

DaphneWhitethigh Sun 10-Apr-16 11:29:10

There's some phenomenally cheap dresses in the last day of the House of Fraser sale. You could probably get 4 frocks for that money if you browse through the lot and you're lucky with sizes.

Floisme Sun 10-Apr-16 11:31:06

Don't do what I did when I won the last World Cup sweepstake. I bought cakes for everyone in the office, gave my son a tenner and bought myself some tat from TK Maxx. Ended up £20 out of pocket and nothing to show for it grin

PirateSmile Sun 10-Apr-16 11:31:56

I won £332 on Rule the World. DS1 and DS2 are getting new trainers and I'm getting a new pair of jeans.

LostMyBaubles Sun 10-Apr-16 11:35:19

If I was to spend it on myself would get some new make up brushes and a some more make up.


I have 3 dc so would spend it on them- probably go towards something to go in the garden- pool or tranpoline or swings etc

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