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Tall Swimwear - help !

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BikeRunSki Sat 09-Apr-16 17:03:23

I really need a new swimming costume (for length swimming, b and am having trouble finding a sporty, tall one. I'm only 5'7'-5'8" but (according to the body length charts the frame builder who built my bike used) I have the back length of a 6 footer and swimwear is my long standing nemesis.

The Zoggs one I have is allegedly "adjustable length", which actually means adjustable straps and it is barely fundamentally long enough to cover all my bits. After 18months hard use is so baggy it doesn't cling to anything anymore . I also need cross over/racer/clip back; scoop back straps just side off when I am ploughing out lengths. Chlorine resistance and boob support would be a bonus too.

Land's End and M&S do long length, but with scoop backs. Tankinis don't work either as the top and bottom don;t get in the middle and I don't find them very comfortable for length swimming anyway.


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