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Boring sock question 😄

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Bailey101 Sat 09-Apr-16 09:09:56

I've always bought cheapie multipacks of socks but I'm getting sick of replacing them every few months because they're falling down and wearing through.

I'm looking to buy a week or so worth of really nice, good quality socks - any recommendations?

I wear boots a lot so colour etc isn't important, but they do need to be warm but not bulky (I get chilblains in the winter and need my feet to be warm, but not have the blood flow restricted to my toes)

I've seen some nice looking brands online, but I've got no idea what to go for confused

MrsLeighHalfpenny Sat 09-Apr-16 09:11:39

Waitrose do a good line in socks. All my favourites come from waitrose.

Bailey101 Sat 09-Apr-16 09:16:11

We don't have a waitrose where I live, but I'm off to Edinburgh next month so I'll see if I can find one there grin

SoupDragon Sat 09-Apr-16 09:17:56

I buy Primark socks and find them great.

ThomasHardyPerennial Sat 09-Apr-16 09:38:04

Pringle socks are great! I buy them from TK Maxx - they are very good quality and last ages.

LindyHemming Sat 09-Apr-16 10:00:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bookbook Sat 09-Apr-16 10:03:07

Look out for bamboo socks- they are lovely! Warm in winter, cool in summer. Joules do them , ( they sell them in John Lweis as well as their own stores) - I stock up in the sale

Botanicbaby Sat 09-Apr-16 11:43:45

Def def agree go to tk maxx for good quality socks & tights. Falke, Pringle, Elle.

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