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Permanent Makeup

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RunRarebitRun Fri 08-Apr-16 21:00:29

Permanent makeup... Would you? Have you? Can you recommend anyone near Oxford? How much did you spend?

I understand that it's a sort of light tattoo. I'd like to have my eyebrows done, and also eyeliner. I HATE putting on and taking off makeup, but I look awful without it.

Any advice please?

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maggiethemagpie Fri 08-Apr-16 21:38:10

I had my eyebrows done - the first person I went to was the woman who'd been waxing my brows for months so I thought I could trust her - big mistake, she f'd up big time! I have had them redone now by someone proper but had to pay for a few sessions of saline removal at £100/time so it's ended up costing a lot. I like them now though so it's turned out ok. Gave me a few sleepless nights at the time!

So my recommendation is - go for the top end of the market or don't bother at all! Brows should cost at least £350-£400. Research your tattooist thoroughly! The ones who also specialise in correction are good as they know their stuff and know how NOT to do it!

I wouldn't have eyeliner done as its right near your eye so very hard to remove if it goes wrong. Lots of people have it done and are ok but I just wouldn't risk it.

maggiethemagpie Fri 08-Apr-16 21:39:27

By the way, it's not a sort of light tattoo. It IS a tattoo - they don't use tattoo ink but it is permanent in the same way, although there can be fading, sometimes it can last forever (I think more so if you have dark hair)

RunRarebitRun Sat 09-Apr-16 07:59:33

Interesting. Thank you.

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RunRarebitRun Sun 10-Apr-16 08:46:15

Bumping this. Anyone else had experience? Please?

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Kirriemuir Sun 10-Apr-16 09:49:51

No but I am looking at it. Got a recommended artist in Edinburgh.

Ifonlyiweretaller Sun 10-Apr-16 13:09:38

I have had mine done (paid around £300) and it was one of the best things ever. My eyebrows were quite 'low' and having them tattooed on was like having a facelift! She took ages drawing them on until I was happy with the shape before starting to tattoo. I now have a top-up approx every 18 months.
My sister has also had hers done by the same lady and she loves hers too -
neither of us look like pirates which seems to be the look created by some of the tattooists near me!

notapizzaeater Sun 10-Apr-16 13:14:40

I had eyeliner done about 18months ago, I love it. I didn't go for black, more a liquorice colour.

DianaT1969 Sun 10-Apr-16 18:46:47

I had my brows done at Natural Enhancement in Chiswick with good results and I felt they really knew their stuff.

sukisu Mon 09-Mar-20 08:47:19

I have been doing permanent makeup for over 5 years - if you need any advice please get in touch smile Suki x

vaz119 Mon 09-Mar-20 09:18:42

I put off doing it because I was worried. I finally got my eyebrows done about 2 years ago and wished I'd done it years ago!

I did Alot of research into who I wanted to do it. I love mine.

nannymags Mon 09-Mar-20 12:06:30

I’ve had mine done with Natasha in Wandsworth town and highly rate her! I know : other people who’ve had brows done by her and none of ours look alike, meaning she personalised the shape colour thickness etc.
I would start with brows and if you’re happy move onto eyeliner

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