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What would you wear with these shoes?

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iwouldgoouttonight Fri 08-Apr-16 16:40:54

I'm going through one of my regular 'I hate all my clothes' phases, I need to sort them out but I'm starting with shoes. These are really comfortable and I like them but do they just look like a man's shoe? Or an old persons shoe? Can I wear anything with them that would look nice?

Narp Fri 08-Apr-16 16:43:02

I don't think they would look nice with anything. sorry

iwouldgoouttonight Fri 08-Apr-16 17:11:57

Hmm that's what I suspected.

nanetterose Fri 08-Apr-16 17:15:33

There is nothing you could wear with them.

They are just brown clumpy nothings.

I bet you've got nicer shoes in your collection. Don't keep them just cos they are comfy!

ScarletForYa Fri 08-Apr-16 18:03:46

They're irredeemable!

Greengardenpixie Fri 08-Apr-16 18:08:04

A short mini skirt with thick black tights.

MsBojangles Fri 08-Apr-16 18:10:03

Do you have a Granddad with the same size feet as you?

iwouldgoouttonight Fri 08-Apr-16 18:32:52

Do you have a Granddad with the same size feet as you?

That made me laugh out loud grin

iwouldgoouttonight Fri 08-Apr-16 18:33:56

I've obviously worn them before but a few years ago and I can't remember what with. Whatever it waa it was clearly a mistake blush

NellysKnickers Fri 08-Apr-16 18:38:02

I agree with greengardenpixie - thick black tights and short skirt would look ok.

MoreGilmoreGirls Fri 08-Apr-16 18:38:37

I did think they were man's shoes. Sorry.

Madbengalmum Fri 08-Apr-16 18:40:17

Sorry, i would have nothing to wear with them

They're awful. Sorry but they look like loaves of bread.

You are a Smiths fan, yep? Think - what would your 19 year old self have thought of these? Burn them, for goodness sake!

Greengardenpixie Fri 08-Apr-16 19:06:51

Tbh, they look a bit like camper shoes. [ the brand not to go camping in ha ha]

Nettletheelf Fri 08-Apr-16 23:05:19

A disguise.

BTW, black tights and brown shoes look terrible together. I had to fight the urge to tell a girl so in the station this week.

MsBojangles Fri 08-Apr-16 23:08:24

A disguise.


GooodMythicalMorning Fri 08-Apr-16 23:11:40

I dont know! burn them

NewStickers Fri 08-Apr-16 23:14:51

I like them! I would wear them with a pair of wide legged, tailored trousers. The colour is an issue though - tan trousers would work

FriendofBill Fri 08-Apr-16 23:44:11

Mustard or navy tights.
Mini skirt.

I think the angle is bad but they look like a standard tan shoe to me.

FriendofBill Fri 08-Apr-16 23:45:14

They are a bit quirky.
Ankle exposed.
If you got good legs you can do it.

Narp Sat 09-Apr-16 10:15:04


i think you'd only get away with that if you were a knock-kneed 20-something ingenue on an advert for The Kooples

EatShitDerek Sat 09-Apr-16 10:16:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

keeponkeepinon Sat 09-Apr-16 11:17:31

Honestly I think it's time to let these ones go. I find it hardto chuck thingsas I feel I've wasted money butII've come round to the idea that if it doesn't make you feel great to be wearing something, it shouldn't be taking up valuable space in the wardrobe.
Ps sorry but I laughed out loud at grandad and loaves of bread!grin

hollyisalovelyname Sat 09-Apr-16 14:15:06

Wearyhem with paper bag over your head. smile
Donate them to a charity shop.
Let someone else take the shame.

Dotheskankyleg Sat 09-Apr-16 14:19:43

Just looking at that shoe is making me laugh so hard. I can't recommend anything but thanks for posting it OPgrin

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