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Capsule wardrobe for a week in the sun

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YvaineStormhold Fri 08-Apr-16 09:17:00


I've just booked my first 'hot holiday' for years.

I'm not a sun-worshipper. I don't tan and I don't cope well with the heat. However, I love the country I'm going to, and there are lots of things there that I want to see.

I'm size 14 - I'd like to think I'll lose weight before I go, but experience tells me I probably won't. And I'll be 42 when I go. So, shorts and bikinis are not an option for me.

However, I refuse to go down the wide-leg linen drawstring waist route. Too depressing for words.

I'm an absolute bugger for over-packing, and I would really like to avoid this if possible. I don't want to end up with a load of mismatched t-shirts and skirts again

Please help. I'd like to look cool, put together and sophisticated, while simultaneously avoiding sunburn, mozzie bites and frump.


DianaT1969 Fri 08-Apr-16 09:46:36

I would suggest starting with the footwear you will want to wear and be comfortable in - and working upwards from there.
I would definitely rethink shorts! They are so versatile and don't have to be at the cheek of your bum. Size 14 isn't big and 42 isn't old. Something like this perhaps? With H&M or Zara long sleeve cotton tops.
You could get a couple casual lightweight dresses and accessorise them for eve. Swimwear is easy - a couple of plain swimsuits with bust support and a sarong or cover up.
Enjoy the hol.

Snoopydo Fri 08-Apr-16 09:50:46

Look on Pinterest for ideas. They do a whole wardrobe, colour schemes, accessories and everything. I would love to do that from scratch if I was going on holiday as I always take the wrong thing. (Not been for years and not likely to either but can always dream.)

YvaineStormhold Fri 08-Apr-16 09:51:04

I really like those shorts; they're just the sort of thing I wish I could wear. But I truly look terrible in them.

The skin on my legs isn't great. They're blindingly white, but as I'm getting older I'm developing age spots, etc, so I don't really like showing them off.

The dress is nice - I'll have a look at that site.

As far as shoes go, in the summer I live in Converse and Birkies. I don't do heels at all. A pair of gladiators would probably be a good idea - are they still fashionable? I don't mind fancy flip flops either.

My problem is, the sort of summer clothes I like look daft on me. I want to dress like Jennifer Aniston, but unfortunately I more closely resemble Judith Chalmers.

RickOShay Fri 08-Apr-16 11:01:58

Channel your inner Jennifer and start ignoring Judith, Decent t shirt bra, nice white t shirts, and some cigarette trousers, boden have some nice ones at the moment. Next have some nice shift dresses as well, stick with your birdies, wear a ponytail and job done.

Jaimx86 Fri 08-Apr-16 11:07:08

There are some gorgeous silk kaftans on TK-Maxx. Every holiday I end up chucking a Kaftan on most days do have learnt to invest in them. Easy to take on and off at the beach, cool and light fitting and can be 'dressed' with sandals and light jewellery when popping for lunch.

Jaimx86 Fri 08-Apr-16 11:09:33

Where are you going on holiday? I didn't check.

YvaineStormhold Fri 08-Apr-16 11:48:30

Sorrento. It's going to be very hot...

Diet starts now!

YvaineStormhold Fri 08-Apr-16 11:48:48

I like that kaftan...

Jaimx86 Fri 08-Apr-16 11:53:37

They have it in torqouise too!
I'm going to wear it in Formentera which is full of Italians so sure it'l be fine for you.
I hate being too hot, puts me in a right grump, so shorts and tees are out for me unless I'm cycling or something.

RickOShay Fri 08-Apr-16 11:58:23

I really like that kaftan. You could always take an empty suitcase and just copy the Italians and buy everything out there. I'd be tempted.

DianaT1969 Fri 08-Apr-16 12:02:25

Another vote for the kaftan. Excellent value for silk.

YvaineStormhold Fri 08-Apr-16 21:37:22

Right, I've had a wardrobe dig and a spend blush

I have bought two pairs of stretch viscose capri-style trousers (they're bloody amazing actually, highly recommend) in stone and black.
A navy Hush sundress from last year.
A navy and white striped Hush sundress from last year.
The Hush Evangeline dress in red.
A fairly ancient navy jersey Maxi dress from White Company.
A black jersey maxi dress from Gap (last year)
An ivory linen sweater.
A red linen sweater.
Two ancient kaftan tunic things from Jigsaw (one black, one green)
A white peasant blouse thing with lace sleeves.
A red silk shell top from Boden (last year).
A black broderie anglaise trim midi skirt from Gap (last year).
An ancient Cath Kidston sundress (bit flowery but will look okay if I lose weight).
A red shirt covered in little stars from Hush.
An aqua shirt from TK Maxx.

I've also ordered a red tankini, a green silk maxi skirt and a white v-neck t-shirt from Boden.

I figure I just need to get some cheap white vests and decent white t-shirts, and that should do it.

Oh, and lose a stone so I can fit into my denim capri shorts.


GarlicBreadItsTheFuture Fri 08-Apr-16 22:26:47

I'd say you have too many dresses and not enough tops to wear with your trousers/maxi skirt. I always do a capsule wardrobe and wouldn't take as much as that on holiday for a week but it depends on what you plan to do while you are there.

My holiday capsule is based on 4 bottoms (shorts/skirts/trousers) and 6 tops (mix of long and short sleeve) plus 2 tops for evenings and 1 or 2 dresses, 1 or 2 swimsuits and 1 or 2 cover ups (2 if I'm likely to spend a lot of time by the pool or on beach). I travel in layers so I have a warm cardigan and a wrap. Then add some accessories including a lighter scarf which is useful for covering shoulders when visiting churches and a sun hat. The idea is that everything can mix and match so based around 1 or 2 neutrals and 1 accent colour.

YvaineStormhold Fri 08-Apr-16 22:31:25

Yes, there's a lot of dresses...they do keep me cool though...

I'm rubbish at this grin

jamtartandcustard Fri 08-Apr-16 22:45:50

That's a lot of clothes! For just one week? That's like 2 outfits per day, are you really going to wear that many?
I'd recommend 4 outfits. So in your case maybe 2 trousers, 2 tops and 2 dresses. Plus 2 swimsuits, one wrap/something to cover up in the evening and one pair of shoes.

HolgerDanske Fri 08-Apr-16 23:09:42

grin at that being a capsule wardrobe!

The whole idea of a capsule wardrobe is a small number of separates that all go together, plus one or two standalone pieces, so that you get maximum number of outfits from minimum number of items. Thereby not having to lug around thirty different items of clothing...

But have a lovely holiday! smile

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