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Wedding - morning dress for ceremony and black tie for evening??!

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Somerville Thu 07-Apr-16 16:28:15

Just seen all the bumpf about a wedding I'm attending in a few weeks. The dress code is morning dress for the ceremony & drinks, then black tie for the reception. (Two hour break between the two.) I have never encountered that before. What would you assume this means in terms of what female guests should wear?

I know men will need to change their suits, but I'm wondering if it'll be acceptable to buy a cocktail-ish dress that matches one of the jackets I already own, then take off the jacket for the evening and change my shoes.

I also had a sinking feeling that 'morning dress' being specified meant women will all be in hats for the ceremony, but I've just googled and apparently that's very much a matter of individual guest's preference?

I don't know any other female guests who will be there, though I'll be meeting one next week so can ask what her plan is then. But I'll be leaving it a bit late to find things if I hear then that they're all wearing hats and/or really glamming up for the evening.


WellErrr Thu 07-Apr-16 16:34:27

It means normal wedding/races gear plus hat for the day, tails for men. Then more formal dress for the evening, men in DJs.

It's a bit odd though. Is it a particularly smart wedding? although if it really was it would be white tie....!

WipsGlitter Thu 07-Apr-16 16:36:02

Sounds a bit OTT to me.

I went to a white tie wedding and all the women were in long dresses / ballgowns including in the church bit.

WellErrr Thu 07-Apr-16 16:37:05

Is it in someone else's castle in Cheshire? grin bitchy

Somerville Thu 07-Apr-16 16:50:36

Not in a castle grin

Country house in south west

It looks like it's going to be really fun. Accommodation is included for overnight. And there's a very politely worded request for no gifts (suggestion for a charity to make anonymous donation to if they're desperate to give a gift), which again I've never encountered before.

Don't know how smart. I'm going as new boyfriend's plus one, and I've asked about the weddings of others in this friendship group and he's been crap vague.

Somerville Thu 07-Apr-16 18:03:56

I've googled a bit more and very opinion seems to be two outfits.

I've got a tea dress that I wore to weddings last summer so that'll have to do for the ceremony. I don't want the palaver of finding two new dresses.

Twinklestein Thu 07-Apr-16 18:15:35

It seems un-necessarily prinky. I've been to white tie and tiara weddings - eurotrash minor royalty type - and even there you wear one outfit for the whole thing.

A tea dress for the ceremony sounds fine. Just get a nice evening dress.

HelenaJustina Thu 07-Apr-16 18:18:50

The jacket/shoe change idea sounded genius...

HelenaJustina Thu 07-Apr-16 18:19:44

A hat+jacket which you then remove would mark the difference even more

firesidechat Thu 07-Apr-16 18:26:11

So all the guests have to wear morning dress and then change into a Tux for the evening. The bill for clothes hire is going to massive.

I'm pleased that you think it will be fun op. (it's my idea of wedding hell)

firesidechat Thu 07-Apr-16 18:26:21

So all the guests have to wear morning dress and then change into a Tux for the evening. The bill for clothes hire is going to massive.

I'm pleased that you think it will be fun op. (it's my idea of wedding hell)

firesidechat Thu 07-Apr-16 18:27:04

Sorry for the double post. My computer is playing up.

Twinklestein Thu 07-Apr-16 18:53:00

Most married men will have morning dress, no? And most men will have a tux.

It's the women who will have to fork out.

Somerville Thu 07-Apr-16 19:28:40

Ooh, good thought about the hat to change up the outfit Helena

There are white tie and tiara weddings shock grin
I've been to a lot and I've never encountered anything other than morning dress or the odd civil ceremony black tie affair. Never both at once.

And yes my chap owns a morning suit and a tux so doesn't really get why it's a hassle.

He did just agree to asking some female friends if they'd mind talking to me about what they're doing. Hopefully they take pity on the newbie and offer up some tips.

fireside chat I like weddings. smile

firesidechat Thu 07-Apr-16 23:00:42

Twinkle you really think most men have this hanging in their wardrobe? I strongly dispute that.

Twinklestein Thu 07-Apr-16 23:15:27

Most married men I said - If they got married in one. My husband, as does OP's. My dad is very proud he can still get into his.

firesidechat Thu 07-Apr-16 23:25:21

I still dispute it. Don't most people hire theirs? It's ridiculously expensive to buy one just for one day. Perhaps we ought to do a poll on this.

PerspicaciaTick Thu 07-Apr-16 23:30:15

I don't know any men who own morning suits. Hardly any own a tux either, or they own one but haven't fitted in it since the leavers' ball at uni.

Twinklestein Thu 07-Apr-16 23:30:18

I don't know anyone who hired theirs but I've really no idea what % of UK population do. It was a question not a statement of fact.

Cel982 Thu 07-Apr-16 23:33:02

Of course most people hire rather than buy them. You must move in very smart circles indeed, Twinkle hmm

firesidechat Thu 07-Apr-16 23:33:37

I would say that it is incredibly unusual for the average man to own a morning suit. It's not like you can wear it as a guest at a wedding, so it would get one or maybe two days use. My husband has never worn one. He did buy a tux because we had a yearly company do, but that has stopped now. He has probably worn it 4 times.

ApocalypseSlough Thu 07-Apr-16 23:42:30

Ah Twinkle
What are you like?
tility head smile

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Thu 07-Apr-16 23:46:45

Most men I know have a dinner jacket and quite a few have tails. Morning suit, not so much (although admittedly a lot of people I know got married in dress uniform).

It's unfair - nobody really notices/cares what men wear (unless it's very unusual), but women are much easier to remember!

Yes, I'd hope kind friends take pity on you and help out - probably the safest bet!

Twinklestein Thu 07-Apr-16 23:51:48

You can absolutely wear it as a wedding guest. My H and my father wear theirs to weddings with morning suit dress code.

They're nothing like as expensive as wedding dresses, and those you really only wear once. You can get them for £200-£300 - and they'd cost £100 or so to hire. The average UK wedding is 20 grand.

PerspicaciaTick Fri 08-Apr-16 00:00:11

Yes, you can wear it as a guest, but you do look a bit of a tit when the groom is in a lounge suit.

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