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Full coverage foundation recommendations

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coughingbean Wed 06-Apr-16 20:36:18

As the title suggests really!
I am getting married in June and doing my own makeup.
I have lots of blemishes and blackheads and need to cover them all!!
Cost is not an issue as dp has said he will pay, yay!
Thanks in advance ☺

itsbetterthanabox Wed 06-Apr-16 23:53:05

Estée Lauder double wear

Talisin Thu 07-Apr-16 00:58:25

Don't use double wear if you will be having photos taken - it does not fare well with flash photography at all.

MissTurnstiles Thu 07-Apr-16 01:07:19

Avoid anything with SPF - you will look like a ghost in flash photography.

jellyjiggles Thu 07-Apr-16 01:11:14

Start a better skin care regime and get your blackheads etc removed! This will help.

MooMinCow Thu 07-Apr-16 06:54:48

Try MAC (they can advise on which of their foundations photographs well) or Make Up Forever HD foundation (available from Debenhams) is good too. And yes, steer clear of anything with an SPF if possible to avoid 'Flashback'

MiniCooperLover Thu 07-Apr-16 07:51:53

Start getting regular facials, you have time to resolve your skin. What products do you use at the moment?

TalkMeDownPlease Thu 07-Apr-16 08:25:40

Another fan of estee lauder doublewear. I wear the maximum cover camouflage makeup, if you go to an EL counter they will colour match you. You don't need very much, and need to blend it lots but I wouldn't go out of the house without it! I have rosacea (red skin) plus spots and its a godsend.

TalkMeDownPlease Thu 07-Apr-16 08:26:42

But I wouldn't know about the flash photography mentioned by PP sorry, I just know it works for me.

CoolToned Thu 07-Apr-16 08:35:40

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk is popular with brides

AuntieMaggie Thu 07-Apr-16 08:41:57

I use estee lauder double wear light not sure about flash photography though...

Go to a few make up counters and get a load of samples to try at home and when you've decided which you like best book in to have the make up counter show you how to use it etc. to get the best out of it.

MissTurnstiles Thu 07-Apr-16 10:04:08

YY to MAC - their studio fix compact is medium to full coverage and definitely photo-friendly.

I also agree with PP that it will be a better use of your time and money if you spend some now on good skincare. Hot cloth cleansing, acid tone, oil-free moisturiser - lots of threads on here with good advice, or look at Caroline Hirons's cheat sheets.

HighHopes16 Thu 07-Apr-16 10:04:11

Vichy Dermablend is a good camouflage foundation. Its very matte so I like using it as a base then add powder to set, blusher, highlighter etc..

MotherOfTheYear Thu 07-Apr-16 10:10:59

Veil cover cream. Flawless hid everything and doesn't show up under flash photography. Finishing powder sets it for two days and you can swim with it.

Google the website. It's amazing stuff. Even hides tattoos

TulipStream Thu 07-Apr-16 10:14:24

Estee double wear is amazing full coverage but it depends if there will be aflash on the camera. You could always go to your local store and get a free tester and mix it with your normal foundation?? Then take photos with flash on to see what it's like ( Ive done this on nights out and it avoided the ghost face)
Or just try the DW light out.

Jaimx86 Thu 07-Apr-16 10:18:12

I had some Amazing Cosmetics:Amazing Concealer in my Selfridges advent calendar and thought the packaging was a bit naff- but it's brilliant. A tiny (tiny!) bit goes a long way and it's covered every blemish perfectly.

Read the reviews - it's a very popular product.

Jaimx86 Thu 07-Apr-16 10:18:50

I meant to add a pic

PollyPerky Thu 07-Apr-16 10:28:57

Clinique do 2 kinds ,an anti redness make up and a full coverage one - see their website.

MissTurnstiles Thu 07-Apr-16 10:41:30

Sail Hughes and the women on her forum rave about Suqqu foundation. It's pricey and I think you can only get it in Selfridges but it is apparently superb.

Oneday Thu 07-Apr-16 21:10:08

Suqqu is indeed fabulous. I can't remember which one it is that's better than the other - Sali Hughes is the lady who knows.

Peppaismyhomegirl Thu 07-Apr-16 21:13:08

Also, look at how your putting it on aswell as the foundation. A stipple brush and a blending sponge are my faves but go and see what works for you. Deffo no spf and look for photo sensitive technology. Double wear is amazing but you get totally weird face in flash photography

Wolpertinger Thu 07-Apr-16 21:14:45

Start Paula's Choice 2% BHA now. The blackheads will all be gone and your skin will have had plenty of time for the blemishes to resolve too.

Honestly, you need some salicylic acid in your life.

poorbuthappy Thu 07-Apr-16 21:32:23

What are the veil cover colours like?

coughingbean Thu 07-Apr-16 21:36:19

Thank you so much!
Some great advice here, I agree about needing to sort my skin out but am so lost at what it needs!
I was just hoping to cover the whole lot over blush

coughingbean Thu 07-Apr-16 21:38:44

Motherof the year, that looks amazing!
Wolpertinger, will look at that thanks!

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