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Tell me what shampoo and conditioner you use and love

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Indecisivejo Wed 06-Apr-16 17:32:22

Being nosey again grin

cuntycowfacemonkey Wed 06-Apr-16 18:06:23

Aussie shampoo and conditioner (miracle moist I think) and use Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner once a week. Love it smells great and keeps my hair in fab condition considering I blow dry and straighten it every day

insan1tyscartching Wed 06-Apr-16 18:25:56

Umberto Gianni curl friends bouncy curls shampoo and conditioner. Love it leaves my hair shiny and in great condition.

Flossiesmummy Wed 06-Apr-16 18:26:08

Aussie! My hair looks awesome when I can afford it

Savagebeauty Wed 06-Apr-16 18:26:36

Aveda shampure

Indecisivejo Wed 06-Apr-16 18:36:54

Aussie makes my hair go really nice and no static but it makes my scalp so itchy and sore!!! Am struggling to find something

Thisismyalias Wed 06-Apr-16 18:38:33

Alberto Balsam blueberry. It's the only shampoo and conditioner that doesn't turn my hair into a static mess.

GirlOverboard Wed 06-Apr-16 18:42:10

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette

DragonMamma Wed 06-Apr-16 18:45:09

OGX anti-breakage. Best stuff I've used in years

Newlywed56 Wed 06-Apr-16 18:45:23

Bought the Toni & guy one as its on offer when I was in tesco - actually very nice

MamaLazarou Wed 06-Apr-16 18:45:32

I don't use shampoo but my favourite conditioner is Davines Alchemic and once a week I use the Palmer's coconut protein treatment.

Indecisivejo Wed 06-Apr-16 20:46:38

I'm so envious of you all having found something that works for you!

Nettletheelf Wed 06-Apr-16 20:48:35

I tried Ojon on a 2 for 1 and it was lovely, but I cannot bear to pay £40 for a shampoo and conditioner combo in not particularly large bottles!

Coldtoeswarmheart Wed 06-Apr-16 20:50:16

L'Oreal Fibrology or Full Restore 5
Nioxin 4 (thin hair)

Ricksheadtilt Wed 06-Apr-16 20:54:32

I have super short hair (although even when it's been long it's annoyingly low maintenance ). I could use persil washing up liquid & it would be OK grin
HOWEVER 2 of my dds have super long, dry prone to dread locking hair. I have spent fortunes on creams, lotions, oils & sprays... What actually works and leaves them with super soft shiny hair? Lidl own brand shampoo & conditioner - cien for dry/damaged hair (or some pure coconut oil massaged in)

Ferrerotoffeemint Thu 07-Apr-16 10:07:32

Alberto bahlsam

lavendersun Thu 07-Apr-16 10:17:47

I used Aveda Shampure for 20 years until recently when I switched to Jasons Organic - Jasons leaves my hair shinier/glossier than Shampure did. So far I have used aloe vera, apricot and jojoba and loved them but found the lavender too harsh for both my hair and my scalp.

I have to use slightly more than Shampure (but the Aveda pumps fit Jasons bottles and I have millions of them smile).

I switched after my hair seemed to change (drier) after I was ill - recommendation on here - very pleased with it.

TulipStream Thu 07-Apr-16 10:26:14

I love the body shop ginger shampoo and the body shop banana conditioner

It smells like those sweet bananas you used to get in mix-ups.

Onlyusethispasswordhere Thu 07-Apr-16 10:30:53

I've tried many shampoos and conditioners but the only one the suits my hair is Waitrose own!! Everything else seems to heavy on my hair, or makes it greasy. I've got really fine hair!
Had a major panic couple of years ago when they changed them, luckily it's still fine, just not as nice smelling as the old one!

CaptainWarbeck Thu 07-Apr-16 14:00:13

Body Shop banana stuff for shampoo and conditioner.

Lush Rehab is great shampoo too. Smells all pepperminty.

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