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Mahabis 'slipper' shoes - why so costly?

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Jaimx86 Wed 06-Apr-16 11:51:14

Have you seen the new 'slipper' shoes by Mahabis? I thought they looked quite nice for pottering around or walking the dog, until I saw the price of £59!

Why do they cost that much? I'm worried that they'll easily fall apart due to the detachable sole.

Has anyone seen these irl?

louloubelle2 Wed 06-Apr-16 16:44:52

They are not slipper shoes - they are just slippers. For indoor and "popping out to the garden" type wear. My other half has them and they are definitely just that. Actually, this is from their website:

"when can i wear mahabis/can i wear mahabis to drive, run, horse-ride etc.?
all mahabis products (including slippers and soles) are designed for comfort and relaxation at home; these are slippers and not shoes.

they are designed to be worn indoors and for light outdoor use ONLY (such as collecting the bins, nipping to the garden etc.). in particular, the detachable soles are designed for light outdoor use ONLY. any use beyond this is at your own risk"

Expensive? Well, they are a UK based company using european made materials and european production. So if you're used to sweatshop produced high street tat, then you might consider them pricey. I think £59 is a fair price for that kind of product, and I've certainly seen worse.

My other half would recommend them by the way, they are wearing really well. But please don't walk the dog in them!

Oldraver Wed 06-Apr-16 16:48:50

I've seen these and was [shocked] at the price. I quite often cant be bothered to take off my slippers when going to the garage/bins so shove my slippered feet into the front of the mules we keep by the doors for going outside.... I keep thinking I need a bigger wider pair that my slippers will fit inside

GarlicBreadItsTheFuture Wed 06-Apr-16 17:21:15

I have them. They are incredibly comfortable and keep my (always cold) feet warm. I searched for the perfect slippers for ages before DH bought me these for Christmas. I like the fact I can pop out to the garden or the bins and they don't make my feet ache when I spend a whole day cooking.

Agree they are expensive for slippers but then I wear them for more hours than most of my shoes.

plimsolls Wed 06-Apr-16 17:27:37

They are expensive. As PP has said, this is partly because they are well-made, high quality, non sweatshop and I suspect the design (neoprene heel, detachable sole etc) means the manufacturing is more expensive. I'm sure there's still a huge mark-up, in the same way that some pairs of jeans cost £150 whereas others cost £50. You're paying slightly for the branding (etc). I love mine and I think they are better than other slippers I've had in terms of construction, comfort and so on. I think (hope) that the detachable rubber sole
means they are more hard wearing. I guess also if the sole wears out you can replace just the sole, meaning more cost effective in the long run.

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