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Replacing all eye make up because of blepharitis - what can I do about expensive brushes?

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ExpandingRoundTheMiddle Wed 06-Apr-16 09:17:13

I'm trying to sort my eyes out

After 2 weeks with no make up and doing the daily hot flannel/baby shampoo treatment recommended by the optician, I'm supposed to repeat the treatment twice a week. This hasn't worked too well so I have to go back to the daily treatmentand. I think my eye make up and brushes might be the culprit.

After this fortnight of no make up and daily treatment, I'm going to ditch all my eye make up and get new (not as pricey as it sounds - eyebrow gel, 2 eyeshadows and a mascara will do the job and an eyeliner for occasional use). I don't want to have to replace my 2 Bobbi Brown brushes as well though.

Will anything sterilise them thoroughly and leave them in a fit state?

StrawberrytallCake Wed 06-Apr-16 09:23:21

Sorry I don't know the answer to your question but my dd has been suffering from blepharitis for 3 years now and we have almost managed to get rid of it entirely by using original wet ones (in the blue pack - from boots).

Quite amazing because the chloramphenicol didn't work and neither did the very expensive blephasol from the optician. I found recommendations for wet wipes during a random internet search which brings up loads of similar stories, if your baby shampoo isn't working then try wet wipes! this is the forum I found the information from.

Creatureofthenight Wed 06-Apr-16 09:24:10

I'm not sure you can sterilise as such. I would think that cleaning them with anti-bac hand wash might do the trick?

ExpandingRoundTheMiddle Wed 06-Apr-16 09:29:29

Thanks Strawberry I'll give those a try today. I hadn't thought of anti-bac Creature so that's useful.

I'm researching mascara and it seems that wash off types are better. MAC Opulash is well reviewed as a wash off - as long as they haven't changed the formula.

Chillyegg Wed 06-Apr-16 09:44:27

Have you got a a steamer..bit extreme but could you steam sterilise them?

reallybadidea Wed 06-Apr-16 09:48:24

I would try soaking in biological detergent to remove fats and proteins then rinsing very well in boiling water to sterilise.

misspym Wed 06-Apr-16 09:49:22

I have blepharitis and I have given up on eye makeup as everything seems to irritate my eyes now.

My advice would be to wait and see if you have it completely cleared for a while before investing in and using new stuff as I find that every time I think mine is under control it flares up again.

There is a website that caters for eye problems. It sells makeup suitable for sensitive eyes but I haven't tried it yet

MassiveStrumpet Wed 06-Apr-16 09:58:47

Steaming will dissolve the glue.

However, before throwing them away it won't hurt to soak in a bleach solution for a few minutes.

VeryPunny Wed 06-Apr-16 10:01:13

I'd clean with baby shampoo and then use Milton sterilizing solution.

ExpandingRoundTheMiddle Wed 06-Apr-16 10:51:44

I've got some Milton somewhere. I'll give that a go thanks. misspym I'm wondering whether it's something I'll be keeping at bay forever, rather than getting rid of tbh. The optician said that at my age it tends to be a recurring condition.

midnightmoomoo Wed 06-Apr-16 11:25:27

Could you not look for some disposable brushes to use in the meantime, like the ones you see on beauty counters. Single use and chuck.

JanTheJam Wed 06-Apr-16 11:43:01

Mac opulash is brilliant, honestly.

You can literally chart my name changes on MN as the poster who raves about Opulash.

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Wed 06-Apr-16 11:59:13

Have a look on Youtube - I remember Pixiwoos doing some make up on a woman who'd had cancer and they were very specific about how they kept their brushes sterile.

I can't for the life of me remember what they said they did but it might be worth looking.

Cakescakescakes Wed 06-Apr-16 13:20:17

As a random aside... Is it 100% definitely blepharitis? I thought I had an eye infection, then blepharitis but it turned out I have developed an allergy to chromium (which is a pigment used in the vast majority of eye make up). Sometimes called chromium green or chromium yellow or potassium dichromate. 99% of eye make up contains it but I've researched it to death and randomly most Urban Decay is fine and some Laura Mercier. Some Boots 17 is ok too. I've also tried the stuff from Butterflies as mentioned above and can wear all of these now with no eye problems. Worth a go? And I kept my old brushes and hot washed them with tea tree shampoo then rinsed really thoroughly. All fine.

Cakescakescakes Wed 06-Apr-16 13:21:20

I wore no eye make up for about 6 weeks to allow them to heal before trying the chromium free stuff

ExpandingRoundTheMiddle Wed 06-Apr-16 13:36:17

Thanks. I'll definitely get the brushes. I'm not 100% sure about the blepharitis diagnosis tbh. I had a nasty bout of Uveitis a couple of years ago and since then, various doctors in the emergency eye clinic have examined my eye without spotting it. Two opticians in Specsavers ditto, only the third optician who I saw said that Blepharitis was causing the damage to the surface of my corneas that the other two were treating by saying it was dry eye and needed to grow out.

ExpandingRoundTheMiddle Wed 06-Apr-16 13:39:07

I don't think it's an allergy to eye make up Cakes. My eyes have been dry and a bit sore whether or not I wear make up (for me it's 3 days with and 4 without, school holidays without). It could be an allergy to something else though.

MrsT2007 Wed 06-Apr-16 13:53:33

You need to get hold of some IPA (pure alcohol)

It's what professional make up artists use to cleanse and sterilise their brushes. Won't damage them, but gets rid of make up residue and germs.

Chuck out mascara, eyeliner, eye shadows etc and start again.

piddleypower Wed 06-Apr-16 13:55:05

I have had this and I think the Blephagel stuff made it worse! But taking Flax oil supplement has def helped. Will try wet wipes. Also I have been using Hyabak eye drops as they are preservative free.

Put brushes in milton or in the dishwasher? I also use make up from Butterflies eye care and it is so much better, and works pretty well.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Wed 06-Apr-16 14:50:38

I chucked out all my make up and started again then was religious about cleaning my eyes with some fancy micellar water the optician sold me for 15 quid but found the same in wilkos for 99p- eye make up remover it's called, their own brand.

The other thing that sorted my eyes out after months of irritation was wilkos spray for dry eyes- absolute magic and not had it back at all.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Wed 06-Apr-16 14:51:38

I just washed my brushes really thoroughly.

misspym Wed 06-Apr-16 15:27:25

I have problems with SPF in moisturiser. I have to wear SPF free or use night cream now. Could it be that?

Melbournemel Wed 06-Apr-16 16:47:41

Spf in moisturiser also drives my eyes mad misspim Op I found that the baby shampoo never worked for me. I was using ocusoft eye wash from the opticians and although it cleared the worst of the infection, the redness still remained. It wasn't until I stopped using the wash and the redness cleared a bit that I realised that the wash had been causing irritation. Getting on well now with just hot water on flannel every night. Changed all my eye makeup recently too and bought new brushes. It's a curse sad

ExpandingRoundTheMiddle Wed 06-Apr-16 19:08:46

Just tried the Wet Ones after a particularly bury eyed day and my eyes feel great now so thanks for recommending them. I didn't even leave them for 5mins as it says on the packet but I will next time. I can't stand spf either but I'm supposed to wear factor 50 year round after having a rodent ulcer removed. I admit that I only do it in summer because it stings like the devil no matter how careful I am.

misspym Wed 06-Apr-16 19:23:52

Which Wet Wipes specifically? I see 3 types on Boots website. Is it the antibacterial ones?

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