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happyinherts Tue 05-Apr-16 22:49:31

I've never seen anyone mention Roman on here. Nice occasion wear or not? Thinking about looking here for a dress to my son's graduation as opposed to Phase 8 which gets mentioned.

Anyone bought from Roman? True to size? Recommended.

Nettletheelf Tue 05-Apr-16 23:08:39

My mum shops there. She is 83.

happyinherts Tue 05-Apr-16 23:28:21

Really, Nettle. She must be pretty stylish, no?

Well, that's taken the wind out my sails a bit. In honesty, they don't seem to cater for the most maturer lady, do they. or am I seriously deluded.

tigerdriverII Tue 05-Apr-16 23:40:32

I'll stick up for them a bit. I've got a handful of acceptable dresses there, day and evening, and a couple of jumpers. However, for every good find, there's tons of static inducing stuff that's not so desirable. Worth a look I'd say though.

TheWoollybacksWife Tue 05-Apr-16 23:42:53

My sisters both bought lovely dresses there for a recent wedding. They seem to be a little less expensive than Phase 8. I looked there for a dress for my DD's graduation last year. I like that they have the stock arranged in colours < easily pleased> blush so it was easy to see "outfits". We are in the age range 45-60.

I ended up with a Phase 8 dress for the graduation btw.

Tiggeryoubastard Tue 05-Apr-16 23:43:47

I'm 50. Wouldnt consider there.

ThisWasCrownjewel Tue 05-Apr-16 23:45:17

I bought a cardigan from there - stretched out of shape after a couple of wears. And a smart grey wool coat - the buttons all fell off and the pocket linings went through within around a month. Won't be buying from them again.

MarbleFox Tue 05-Apr-16 23:53:03

I've actually seen a few jackets and tops in there I've liked but everything seems to start at a size 10 which I think is a bit weird and unfair.

CiderwithBuda Wed 06-Apr-16 00:02:54

My MIL loves it. She is 78.

She dragged me into our local one at Easter and I bought a top (loose white and black stripes) and a denim-look shirt!

Some of it is ok and some is very Per Una.

CiderwithBuda Wed 06-Apr-16 00:04:16

Oh I'm 51 and a size 20. I buy what I like wherever I find something in my size.

jellyjiggles Wed 06-Apr-16 07:41:16

I'm 38 and I've got a couple of Roman dresses. I like them because they go below my knee. Some things are awful but if your keen of eye they turn up some OK stuff. Try it on!

EdithWeston Wed 06-Apr-16 08:23:08

Age isn't a relevant indicator here. You can be over 80 and stylish, or under 35 and frumpy.

Most brands have a mixture of 'lovely' and 'wouldn't be seen dead in it' so I was wondering if you you had any specific dresses from this retailer in mind?

Binders1 Wed 06-Apr-16 12:33:27

I don't really care where something is from, if I like it I will buy it.

justaweeone Wed 06-Apr-16 17:21:33

I bought a dress a few years ago from, whispers ...... Bon Marche
It wasn't at all frumpy and sat above the knee
Had loads of compliments
Actually maybe it wasn't supposed to be worn as a dressshock

Binders1 Fri 08-Apr-16 13:14:23

Yesterday I bought a very stylish and elegant dress from Coast that was £95 reduced to £59, reduced to £29! Bargain!

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