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Nice dresses for afternoon tea, lunches out etc?

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BayLeaves Tue 05-Apr-16 22:12:49

I'd like to get a couple of new dresses for nice occasions... Such as afternoon tea. So, prettier than office wear, nicer than jeans and t-shirt, but not necessarily as formal/fancy as a wedding. I don't get to dress up often but I'd like to treat myself to a couple of pretty dresses.

What is nice these days? I've heard the 50s style is now tacky... What is pretty without being office wear, or naff?

Pinkcadillac Tue 05-Apr-16 22:24:15


ScarlettDarling Tue 05-Apr-16 22:47:28

I think something like a full midi skirt and plain top would be a nice alternative to a dress. Can be blamed up for heels or toned right down with flats.

ScarlettDarling Tue 05-Apr-16 22:50:47

something like this outfit

ScarlettDarling Tue 05-Apr-16 22:51:40

And I didn't mean blamed up in my first post...meant glammed up!

ScarlettDarling Tue 05-Apr-16 22:55:46

These are the sort of outfits I mean. Not dresses I know but I love this look ...I've ben stocking up for summer!

WhoJazz Tue 05-Apr-16 23:34:42

I'm a big fan of that look too Scarlett as of late.
Asos you say...

Tanaqui Wed 06-Apr-16 08:33:00

Miss selfridge had a fab version of that look in their window- green floral midi, very fitted top which showed a lot of shoulder- would be fab if slim/ young/ nice shouldered, but hard to wear if you don't have a flat stomach I think.

ScarlettDarling Wed 06-Apr-16 09:03:53

WhoJazz I love Asos because they give you great ideas on how to style the items. I'm no good if I see an item in isolation, can never picture the right top or shoes, but I love the styling on Asos so I just copy it!

ihatethecold Wed 06-Apr-16 09:14:35

Love the Other Stories dress at the top of the thread.

MalmseyWhine Wed 06-Apr-16 09:50:45

The V&A collection dresses at Oasis are really lovely, the prints are beautiful and they have lots of different styles.

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