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top end eyeshadows?

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bigbuttons Tue 05-Apr-16 18:15:40

Having just discovered the delights of chanel lipstick ( yes the price as worth it to me!) I got to wondering whether their eyeshadows or other similarly high end shadows were worth the investment?
I am 48 and haven't really got a clue what to do!

wombattoo Tue 05-Apr-16 18:17:52

I use Bobby Brown and think they are worth the money. They're lovely. If you are not confident, you can book in for a free make over and they will show you how to use the products.

wombattoo Tue 05-Apr-16 18:18:31

I think all make up counters offer this service btw

Feefeefs Tue 05-Apr-16 18:27:24

Tarte is awesome!! Tartelette in bloom palette is amazing otherwise Mac is the best, bobbin brown is good but not as heavily pigmented

Cakescakescakes Tue 05-Apr-16 18:32:35

Try a few at make up counters. All will put them on you for free so just say you want to wear them for a while to see how they wear on you. Personally I hate Bobbi Brown (find them poorly pigmented and crease quickly on me) but lots of people love them so it's all very subjective. I find urban decay have good blendability, pigmentation and good staying power. The Naked 3 palette is a good basic everyday selection of shades. Don't be alarmed by the pinky purple tones. They're pretty neutral once applied. I wear it every day. Although I recently started using a Laura mercier eye primer under my eyeshadow and it keeps al my eyeshadow crease free and intact all day. Truly a wonder!

IJustLostTheGame Tue 05-Apr-16 18:36:53

I haven't bought from them for years but there eyeshadow were amazing

IJustLostTheGame Tue 05-Apr-16 18:37:18

Ridiculous spellcheck

BennyTheBall Tue 05-Apr-16 18:43:24

I second Urban Decay (although it's not top end). I wear the Naked eyeshadows everyday & it's probably the only eyeshadow palette I buy over and over.

I like Laura Mercier, Dior and Charlotte Tilbury. I tend to wear these for going out but purely because they're a bit more expensive! I have a fair few Bobbi Brown eye shadows and some Mac ones too.

mamacasshadahairyass Tue 05-Apr-16 18:51:50

I love my Urban Decay smoky palette. I got the eye primer as well, which makes the colours more intense.

Also like Dior eyeshadows.

bigbuttons Tue 05-Apr-16 19:00:36

Thank you, I shall check those out smile

OttiliaVonBCup Tue 05-Apr-16 19:12:39

How top end do you want to go?

Liberty carry Surratt, which feel just incredible.

bigbuttons Tue 05-Apr-16 19:14:48

Well, I know that wearing the chanel makes me feel good no matter what else I'm wearing. It might be shallow, but I really like knowing have something expensive on even if I'm wearing scruffy jeans, so I'm happy to pay for stuff that is really good quality.

botemp Tue 05-Apr-16 19:25:47

I might be slightly prejudiced since all eyeshadows refuse to stay put despite various primers except the By Terry Ombre eye shadow sticks, they're super easy to use too with no real need for brushes (though certain colours are constantly sold out angry).

KateSpadeAddict Tue 05-Apr-16 19:28:48

Another one to recommend Naked Palettes from urban decay. Particularly Naked 2. It is my favourite grin

bigbuttons Tue 05-Apr-16 19:35:43

The By Terry stuff is nice. I wonder whether Guerlain is any good for the price?

Madbengalmum Tue 05-Apr-16 19:41:24

I love Chanel quadra eyes, i have had some for years. They are longer lasting than the bobbi brown shadows i have had and more pigmented. I think their colours are the nicest too, definately worth paying more for.

lamusic Tue 05-Apr-16 19:42:38

Urban Decay

SwedishEdith Tue 05-Apr-16 19:47:48

Lancome was good when I had some 25 years ago and I've still got. Good pigmentation.

ihatethecold Tue 05-Apr-16 19:50:41

I don't think you have to spend £££ to get good eyeshadow.
I think some high st ones have excellent staying power.
The single L'oreal chrome ones are brilliant as is a new one I bought this week by MUA, it's in collaboration with a blogger called BBB. Costs a tenner and is fab.
There's about 20 pigmented colours and stays all day.

ihatethecold Tue 05-Apr-16 19:51:17

Illamasqua has great eyeshadow too.

bigbuttons Tue 05-Apr-16 19:55:28

Such a lot to check out!
I need something idiot proof. I can't do the fancy colour blending using a thousand different brushes. I want something that stays on. I have hooded lids which doesn't helpsad

Madbengalmum Tue 05-Apr-16 19:58:31

I have tried most of the brands mentioned on here and find Chanel to be longest lasting and most cost effective because it is hard and a four colour palette lasts me for some years. Whereas others last months only.
Obviously all of the colours in the quadras blend together and they do loads of combinations.

Topsyloulou Tue 05-Apr-16 20:00:40

Another recommendation for the Urban Decay naked palette or just any urban decay eyeshadow. If you use an eyeshadow primer, I use the benefit one, you can get away with cheaper eye shadows.

WhatWouldTheDoctorDo Tue 05-Apr-16 20:02:52

I really like the urban decay naked palette though sadly some of my favourite shades in it are finished - I don't really want to buy another one when I have so much left of the other colours though!

botemp Tue 05-Apr-16 20:26:18

Guerlain really is great for bronzers, highlighters, and bases only imo, the rest not so much. The By Terry ones are idiot proof, I don't have much lid space either so prefer the single colour anyhow (who really sees the rest?), I always feel palettes where you use only a few colors feel like such a waste. Although if I didn't have issues with them staying on I would totally have splurged for this palette from Chanel, but only because it's really pretty and would make me happy every time I opened it up smile.

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