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New lines have appeared after botox - can anything be done?

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singingsixpence82 Tue 05-Apr-16 15:59:29

I had botox for the first time almost 2 weeks ago so I think the full effect is pretty much here now. I only had it around my eyes and it has worked a miracle for my crows feet but I now have these 2 new lines under my eyes that slope downwards and are really deep and not symmetrical. This kind of shape but not symmetrical: / \

I have a review appointment in a few days time but I was just wondering if anyone had any experience of what is likely to happen at this appointment? Will they be able to correct them too or will I have to live with them? I had initially thought that they would inject the lines but now I know that they only inject the muscles I'm wondering if these are un-erasable?

queenoftheuniverse Tue 05-Apr-16 17:14:03

no idea but following as I have a botox / fillers consultation in a couple of days

I have heard this can occasionally happen, hopefully it is fixable and hopefully some one more knowledgeable will be along soon!

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