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Failsafe make up brand?

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binkybonk Tue 05-Apr-16 15:10:44

I am not a make up person, never have been, but now I am getting on a bit I need some tricks to help me out grin

I don't live in the uk and so the entry level stuff is not appropriate for my skin type (I am olive and freckly and that is considered hideous here and they would whiten the arse off me if they could- and of course cover up those pesky 'blemishes' as they always refer to my freckles!!)

At the moment I have what I think most would consider 'fun' stuff from benefit and Boots trips in the UK holidays. Bit of highlighter, a cover up and a mascara.

I like plain packaging (sad but true that this bothers me!) and I want to buy minimal amounts of multitaskers which make me look young and fresh again, not a caked old lady look!

So- and yes I am a 'marketeer's Dream' as my husband would say- but I'm choosing between these brands for my main shopping expedition;
Bobbi Brown
Marc Jacobs
Shu Umeura (sp?!)

Any prefs?

MidnightVelvetthe5th Tue 05-Apr-16 15:27:25

MAC for lipsticks, Bobbi Brown for everything else smile

botemp Tue 05-Apr-16 15:46:33

I'm assuming on account of the whitening comment you're in S.E. Asia so in store help might be challenging if you're not the colour of a milky white bottle? I'd navigate towards a main brand on account of their image and what appeals to how you'd like to look, for example Chanel has the image of effortlessly chic and that's carried on from advertising to product to packaging. So for your choices:

Mac- editorial and more experimental, wide array of textures, finishes, and colours. It's a brand to have fun with, choice is a great thing but can be overwhelming especially at this price level, (staff is generally considered horrendous, but might not ring true worldwide). But if you have access to a Kiko you can get the same selection and quality there with friendlier staff and better prices grin.

Bobbi Brown- Emphasis on good skin (faked or real) and barely there make up while covering up those dark circles, also see Laura Mercier who does the same with a French twist. I have absolutely no idea if this is true but these brands both feel like a 'brunette's brand'.

Marc Jacobs- sorry have yet to really get a comprehensive look at this brand but my impressions so far is that it's a bit high coverage, very 'American'.

Shu Umeura- subtle and put together. About as polite as the country it is from with a little bit of a hidden wild side in the eyelash and eye-shadow department. Whatever brand you choose in the end just make sure to get your eyelash curlers here.

If you're just in it for packaging porn, I'd suggest looking at Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Givenchy, and Nars. Also someone else on this board highly recommended the recently released Shisheido Synchro foundation (unfortunately not launched where I live yetenvy). And if you are in S.E. Asia don't overlook some of the great brands they have like Suqqu, Sensai, and Japanese brushes by Hakuhodo, Suqqu, and Chikuhodo.

binkybonk Tue 05-Apr-16 15:47:41

Thanks! Does BB have a light foundation type thing I could ask for to avoid being railroaded into thick make up? smile

binkybonk Tue 05-Apr-16 15:53:48

Brilliant, thanks Botemp!
Yes in SEA! Apart from Shu and Shiseido haven't seen the other Japanese brands you mention as Korean and Chinese products popular here (Singers). Suffice to say I am more 'aligned' with the Japanese brands. (Still working on DH for us to move there grin)
Your rundown is fab- tempted to print it out and take it along blush
But refuse to read more about the other lovely brands you say to look at as, for someone with a tiny make up selection, I have become obsessed with looking at brands!!

botemp Tue 05-Apr-16 15:57:26

The Skin foundation should be a light one but in all honesty not all that familiar with BB, I tend to prefer Laura Mercier. The Shiseido Synchro foundation I mentioned is supposed to be a bit of a revolutionising 'your skin but better' type of light foundation.

wonkylegs Tue 05-Apr-16 16:01:46

I've worn Bobbi Brown for years now, they do some lovely light foundations and a stcikfor when you need more coverage.
I'm very pale but when I got the BB lady to do my bridesmaids for my wedding those with olive and darker tones looked fab too.
I don't rate the lipstick but foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner and blush are all fab and look nicely natural, although can also be ramped up a bit for nights out

TheHuntingOfTheSarky Tue 05-Apr-16 16:05:42

I'm very much a neutral makeup kind of girl and I've always found Laura Mercier to be pretty much fail safe. Also Chantecaille when I'm feeling flush. Hourglass and Bobbi Brown also form part of my collection. I've been tempted to try Mac before but rarely by their stuff because I've never had a good experience with their salespeople.

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