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Building a wardrobe from scratch

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Threesocks Tue 05-Apr-16 12:39:01

My second child is now 7 months old and I have just about lost all the baby weight and I am back in my pre children clothes .... The problem is that I feel totally uninspired by everything (although, I am pleased it now fits). I am currently on maternity leave but am going back to 8 weeks time, so need a basic jeans/t-shirt wardrobe that I can accessorise with my plethora of scarves and necklaces, along with smarter stuff for work.

I have decided to sell/charity shop most of it bar a few pieces that I really like and will wear, I am going to start with basics, so am looking for some recommendations for the following please. I am a small-ish size 12, long in the body and short in the leg!!

Knickers - I like sloggi ones, but are there any cheaper alternatives that are as good, or do I need to bite the bullet and invest?

T-shirts - I want a few or each different sleeve lengths, but I am long in the body, so most end up looking weird - any ideas?

Wrap dresses - I have a few DVF ones for work, which I love, but am bored with the patterns. Again any suggestions.

MintyChops Tue 05-Apr-16 17:43:10

I think this might help you. I have found some of it inspiring....

Threesocks Wed 06-Apr-16 06:28:43

Thanks - I am already an avid Vivienne files reader! I am really looking for specific recommendations for knickers, longer t-shirts and wrap dresses to start building my capsule wardrobe.

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