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Midweek Date, Clothing Conundrum

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Sweetsweetjane Mon 04-Apr-16 23:22:18

Hi I am going on a second date with a lovely guy. He's invited me to a Moroccan restaurant which invites diners to sit on the floor atop cushions.
What to wear?
Our first date I was dressed quite casually for pool, pub and dancing in jeans, plain top and ankle boots.
I'd like to look a bit more special for dining but don't want to risk looking unbecoming if I were to wear a skirt and accidentally expose the gusset of my tights.
I could wear jeans and top combo again (different top) or some kind of trouser affair, perhaps slightly turned up with DM loafers?
I'm short, broad shoulders, hench upper arms and a mummy tum.
I can't do high shoes and frankly would look (feel) a dick in this restaurant in heels.
Any suggestions? Tia

AgathaMystery Mon 04-Apr-16 23:32:57

Sitting on the floor. On cushions.

That's a style challenge confused but also massively exciting to be going on a 2nd date, right? flowers

I think jeans & top with loafers will be cute. I would probably wear slip on flats or penny loafers as I can't carry off DM anymore.

Sweetsweetjane Mon 04-Apr-16 23:45:32

Agatha, very exciting. I have met him once prior to the first date, he was lovely, first date was brill, lots of laughing, really looking forward to seeing him again. !
Thanks for your input, and blooms!

Sweetsweetjane Tue 05-Apr-16 16:24:12

Ok so I have a sheer olive green zara sweater, dark Maroon dm loafers, probably Zara skinny jeans turned up' brass long chain, brass Indian hoops, will add Olivey scarf prob as outerwear, what colour jacket?
I have a maroon biker, don't think I can add more green, I also have a scarf which incorporates olive and maroon ...

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