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products you always come back to, old faithfuls that still do the job and there's no reason to try anything else?

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keeponkeepinon Mon 04-Apr-16 10:03:17

My old faithful is elnett hairspray. My mum always used it and I thought it was old fashioned but in fact there's no other hairspray ive found that I like as much. Most others just gunk up in the nozzle and don't spray after a bit.

Touchacat Mon 04-Apr-16 10:04:49

Vaseline as lip balm and sometimes eye make up remover when I'm being lazy. It's the best.

everythingsgoingsouth Mon 04-Apr-16 10:14:26

Freaky!! came on to post those EXACT two items......proves they must be good smile

Lottapianos Mon 04-Apr-16 10:17:51

Astral as a night cream. Have used it for years. I'm almost at the end of my current tub and was thinking about trying a different product but then thought WHY? It's wonderful stuff for my dry and dehydrated skin and cheap as anything

Body Shop Rainforest shampoo and hair butter - silicone free and my coarse frizzy hair loves them

Have used Nuxe Reve De Miel lip balm for the last few years and will probably never try any other lipbalm, its fab

M&S knickers - wouldn't bother even trying anywhere else

daimbardiva Mon 04-Apr-16 10:24:15

Body shop vitamin E moisturiser

Carmex lip balm

Mac retro matte lipstick

Lush R&B hair moisturiser

keeponkeepinon Mon 04-Apr-16 10:29:40

Lotta - I've got a pot of astral too! Not got round to using it regularly as a night cream yet, I'm giving it a go tonight on my dry dehydrated skin too! And yes to m&s knickers! Agreed on that one-whatever else they get right or wrong I still depend on their knickers! And tights too! Their sheers are good and their opaques are lovely and stretchy and never seem to get picked.

Lottapianos Mon 04-Apr-16 10:32:37

keepon, you and I obviously have excellent taste! M&S knickers are so comfy and cover my bum properly - no slicing your cheeks in half. And I agree about their tights - great quality at a good price. I buy my socks from them too.

Astral is terrific stuff - it often gets discussed on here and there's always someone who says that their granny has been using it every day for the lat 80 years and that she has the best skin of all time. I used to use it as a day cream but find it a bit too shiny for that. Can't fault it as a night cream though. Enjoy!

StillStayingClassySanDiego Mon 04-Apr-16 10:55:03

Gliss Shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner.

For me, it's as good and effective a brand as very expensive salon brands.

AdventuresOfADentist Mon 04-Apr-16 10:57:32

Nivea cream for taking off eye makeup.

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream for lots of things.

leccybill Mon 04-Apr-16 10:58:29

I always go back to Sure crystal deodorant. It really is the only one which doesn't leave white marks on your dark clothes.
Also - soap. I love fancy smelling shower gels etc but always go back to standard cocoa butter bars of soap for feeling clean and fresh.

AnyFucker Mon 04-Apr-16 10:59:02

Oil of Olay (Ulay) light moisturiser


AgathaMystery Mon 04-Apr-16 11:04:50

8 hour cream here - it's amazing for everything even a c section scar I can't live without it.


hollieberrie Mon 04-Apr-16 11:06:26

Just soap when i'm showering - any kind, i'm not fussy.
Yes to M&S comfy pants - never buy underwear or socks / tights anywhere else.
Vaseline (blue for normal days, pink for when i am dressing up!) - no lippy required.
Boots Cucumber face wipes for when i am too lazy / drunk to HCC. Quick swipe aaand bed grin

snowgirl1 Mon 04-Apr-16 12:31:24

Oil of Olay moisturizer - absorbed easily and doesn't leave a greasy film on my skin

Vaseline as lip balm

QueenofallIsee Mon 04-Apr-16 12:41:50

Elnett hairspray - I am 36 and don't know anyone who doesn't use it
Rimmel ink black liquid eyeliner - I don't know why, I have tried v expensive ones over the years but this one lasts, goes on first time, does a winged eyeliner without effort and I always get it straight first time
Tangle Teaser hairbrush

megletthesecond Mon 04-Apr-16 12:46:24

Bio Oil. Never gives me spots or ingrowing hairs and yet every so often I think a cheaper oil or body lotion will work. They never do.

8 hour cream. Expensive but works for everything.

Petal02 Mon 04-Apr-16 13:42:18

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion

Corn Silk Loose Powder

Dove Original Roll On Deodorant (has a lovely creamy scent, not harsh or chemical-like)

Boots Own Brand Unscented hairspray (you really can't smell it!)

yazzy85 Mon 04-Apr-16 14:47:08

Aussie Mega shampoo and conditioner for my greasy hair, tried loads of others but nothing works as well.

Body shop hand creams, the hemp one for night time and almond one during the day as its lighter. Better than everything and I have tried so many.

Nars tinted moisturiser. Its amazing, have stopped using foundation as this is so lovely and natural looking.

ThisIsSylviaDaisyPouncer Mon 04-Apr-16 15:03:23

Like a pp I swear by rimmel eyeliner - the one in an inkwell sort of pot. Might be called exaggerate? It's the only one I've found that's precise to apply, stays out and lasts ages ... Some of the felt tip style ones look good but they dry up within weeks.

Max factor voluminous mascara is the one I keep coming back to; I've tried lots of there but they never give me the volume I want.

Simple facial wash works well for me, I expect the Caroline Hirons crew will be horrified but it's cheap as chips and I never ever worry about my skin.

HappenstanceMarmite Mon 04-Apr-16 15:09:03

Isn't the Eight Hour cream just Vaseline plus a few extras though?

AgathaMystery Mon 04-Apr-16 15:09:28


It's magic. Made with unicorn tears.

JanTheJam Mon 04-Apr-16 15:10:35

There is nothing on my bathroom shelf I haven't tried to see if I can find better.

One of my only repeat buys is Mac Opulash. It's the best mascara and its tubing so washes off with warm water. Also will re buy the Mac mineralise natural face powder thing.

I have high hopes for the Bobbi Brown foundation stick and the Burberry eye contour sticks (stupid name for an eyeshadow stick). Both are bloody good.

LaurieLemons Mon 04-Apr-16 15:17:38

Nivea soft moisturiser and mac lipstick. I had a nap the other day woke up and my lipstick was still in tact!

LaurieLemons Mon 04-Apr-16 15:19:34

Oh and gel eyeliner I buy one pot every 6 months if that whereas pencils are always getting lost and liquid dried out before I even use most of it.

reader77 Mon 04-Apr-16 15:26:27

Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara

Dove deodorants, roll and and spray in original scent

Nars bronzer in Laguna

Another one for Elnett.

Rimmel lip liner in Addiction and lipstick Notting Hill Nude

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