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Dyeing dark hair copper? Help!

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unnatipalan Sun 03-Apr-16 21:51:49

My natural hair is a very dark brown. For the past two years, I've been using majicontrast red to get an ombre. I cut that off and let my hair grow its natural color a few months ago. However, now I want to color the tips of my hair copperish blonde. I have layers so I'm aiming for a fiery effect. I have access to majirel products and tried to color it coppery by using the number 7.4. However, it just became a little light brown sad
I later found out that majirel is not meant for dark hair like majicontrast was. I am not interested in bleaching my hair right now. Any tips on getting my desired shade? I'm assuming that it will be easier now since my hair is already lighter. I'm attaching a photo to show what color I want. Please only suggest Majirel colors if you do. Thank you. I'm also attaching a photo of how my hair looks right now sad

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