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Russell and Bromley- best service in London?

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starryhatts Sun 03-Apr-16 20:51:43

Hello S&B,

I received a gorgeous pair of R&B loafers for Christmas, a real treat as I wouldn't usually spent that much on a pair of shoes when I can get leather for a lot cheaper. I have heard they are lovely quality and made to last.

Unfortunately, a few weeks ago I had to retire them because the trim around the heel has started to peel away (I have about 3 inches of it hanging off the shoe) and some has come off completely. Considering I have only worn them 2-3 times a week since mid-January, I'm really upset they haven't lasted much longer. I have Clarks and Office leather loafers that still look new a few years on in comparison.

Luckily, the giftgiver gave me all of the receipts and documents so I can take them back. I would have gone sooner but I have had to wait until half-term to get some time off (Teacher!).

Can anyone recommend a good branch in London where they can vouch for nice service? I fully intend on getting an equivalent price replacement in a different style.

elfofftheshelf Mon 04-Apr-16 09:15:46

Personally I find the service in R&B pretty shoddy. It's clear that they are all on commission, you ask to try on shoes, and matching bags get produced, there is definitely a hard sell approach, I was struggling to make up my mind and the sales assistant kept pushing to the point that I left rather than give her a sale (and to be honest, I'd have bought both pairs if I'd had 1 min on my own to fully try, look, think etc). My experiences are based on Oxford Street, Regent Street and Westfield (Stratford) branches. Good luck!

Twinklestein Mon 04-Apr-16 13:08:04

The ones I know are King's Road and Knightsbridge - they're all friendly, but I'd be surprised if they agree to replace them. They'll probably just offer a repair.

polyhymnia Mon 04-Apr-16 16:40:17

Sorry to hear this. I've been buying a lot of my shoes from R and B for years and have never had any problems with poor wear. I actually have a pair of the loafers which are wearing well. You should definitely get yours replaced.
I find the staff at Covent Garden are friendly and helpful, specially the mansgeress if she's around.

justasecond Mon 04-Apr-16 17:10:00

I agree re the hard sell and bringing out matching bags and other shoes. Very annoying and puts me off trying anything on in there.

starryhatts Mon 04-Apr-16 22:05:51

Pleased to say that the lovely deputy manager at Russell and Bromley Covent Garden was horrified and offered to refund or replace for any equivalent style. I have a lovely new pair. If it happens again (I hope not!), she told me to just come back again!

Thank you to all who responded smile

polyhymnia Fri 08-Apr-16 10:13:47

Glad to hear that- have always found them nice there.

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