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suitable coat

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BibbidiBobbidiBoo1 Sun 03-Apr-16 19:36:14

Ok, so I kinda need a new coat. Ideally waterproof (shower resistant minimum), not too thick/heavy. Not totally unflattering. But suitable for wearing with my dd and being active in.

I've put on weight and none of my coats really fit comfortably. I need something to see me through, while I kick myself up my ample backside to loose the weight

I don't have a fortune to spend. And would love the coat to be nice, practical but be able to wear to work and it look ok too.

Hit me with ideas. I'm in town over the next few days so can look. Have a few days at the end of the week I'd love to feel nice for - and yes, I realise I am probably looking for too much in one coat!

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