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Can you help me buy/pack for a holiday?

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MrsPresley Sun 03-Apr-16 12:35:50

I'm going on 2 week holiday, to Jamaica. I'm usually a few days city break/euro Disney type of person, so I have no idea what/how much to take.

I won't be doing any beach/swimming pools so don't need swimwear.

So far I've bought a pair of black palazzo trousers, thinking they would be comfortable for flying in? and a long lightweight cardigan, still need a top to wear.

I've also already got 2 maxi dresses that I can take. Apart from that all I own is jeans and long sleeve tops.

I need ideas for clothes and footwear, I can't do sandals that have toe posts though, even the thought of them make me cringe grin

Oh I don't want to buy anything too expensive, as it'll all probably go to the charity shop when I get home!

I'm a size 18, large tummy/hips, small boobs and 5'6 (and I'm in my early 50s)

Any ideas much appreciated, smile

figureofspeech Sun 03-Apr-16 13:43:29

I had a look in mango , hush & zara as they had lots of floaty layers that you can build up. White company etc

A pair of lightweight breathable trainers/walking shoes

Sandals - M&S & Clarke's etc have a selection now

Cottons & breathable fabrics


Tunic style tops

Long skirts keeps you cool maybe team with a vest top?

What's your usual style?

MrsPresley Sun 03-Apr-16 13:53:02

Thanks for the links, can't really see anything that I like though, might be because I'm not used to being "dressed" IYKWIM

In winter I wear jeans, top, ankle boots

In summer I wear jeans, top, sandals or maybe canvas converse type shoes if it's raining grin

I like to say I don't really change my style, but I don't have a style sad grin

I don't like skirts at all, I could do a dress, maybe cropped/light trousers instead of jeans.

Sorry, I'm being really awkward here, I just don't have a clue.

The last time I has sunshine on holiday, I washed the same dress every night and wore it for a week shock I wasn't expecting a heat wave in April grin

DianaT1969 Sun 03-Apr-16 16:36:00

How about cotton rich 3/4 leggings - or pedal pushers to just below the knee with any cool tunics?
This type of look:

It eliminates potential chafing between the legs and can be worn with all casual flat sandals.
Tunics - you could try White Stuff, Fat Face and Mantaray. Saw this in Top Shop if you don't mind exposing arms, or wear a navy short sleeve body under it, or a thin ballet cardi over for evenings.
TKMaxx have adventure sandals (no toe posts) which are brilliant for hot hols. Can't remember the name, but something + Earth' is one of the brands with good support.

Itscurtainsforyou Sun 03-Apr-16 21:21:35

I would go with one pair of comfy footwear such as sketchers go walk, plus some nice sandals - like these

Then I'd go for a couple more pairs of palazzo pants and tops such as this and this

MrsPresley Sun 03-Apr-16 22:14:59

DianaT I really like that top! I've had a look at the White Stuff site and I really like some of their things smile I wouldn't have thought of looking there! And I think I might even wear them again when I'm home!

Also had a look at TKmax and ordered a couple of tops.

curtains I really like the white sandals, I'm awkward with footwear thanks to an arthritic hip angry but they might be fine for an evening meal! not too much walking.

I'll also have alook at sketchers, I've heard other people recommend them as well.

Thanks everyone, at least now I've got an idea of where to start smile

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