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Belle Colour vs Nutrisse

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lunaticperfect Sun 03-Apr-16 11:49:31

OK, can someone with a chemistry degree or similar tell me the difference?

I once used Belle Colour ( blonde10 ) for my hair tocover a grey streak at the front - I am a flaxen blonde anyway. Couldnt get that one and so changed to Nutrisse which I have been using for three years or so.

The problem is the last Nurtisse I bought ( a truly blonde with a blue flash across the box rather than the old green one, had the wrong contents in it - and included a black hair conditioner.

I sent it back to Garnier. I got a voucher for another one .... but the experience has put me off Nutrisse and I dont like the new " truly blondeanyway whioch promises ligher colour -I just want ordinary colour thanks.

I have looked at the Nutrisse in an attempt to get the old one which was green packaging. No luck.

So, whats the difference really, other than Nutrisse suddenly changing its formula to be 4 shadess lighter?

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