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Any jewellery experts about?

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Didiusfalco Sun 03-Apr-16 10:40:54

Would anyone care to hazard a guess about the age of this ring? My grandmother died many years ago (would be about 100 if alive now) but it's only just been passed on to me.I know it's not worth anything, but that's irrelevant as I would always keep it. Also, does anyone know if it would be difficult to size down?

dreamingofsun Sun 03-Apr-16 12:12:10

i'm no expert, but i think ease of sizing down depends on the back of the ring and how much you want it sized down. if its plain on the back and you only need it reduced a little i would imagine it would be fine.

DonkeyOaty Sun 03-Apr-16 12:16:04

Can you see the hall marks inside the band? Sometimes the zoom function on a phone camera can be useful!

Didiusfalco Sun 03-Apr-16 12:28:15

Thanks for the replies. The back is plain, but I have very small fingers so I suppose I would have to ask and see. The hall marks are so dirty they are just like little black squares, I don't think any amount of magnification would help - guess it needs a clean too!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sun 03-Apr-16 17:17:51

My post disappeared so forgive me if this posts twice!

I've sized up recently on a ring that was left to me, it was gold and only cost 35 quid to resize.

Another one was made smaller by adding 3 small blobs of gold inside the back of the ring, hope that makes sense?

It's a lovely ringsmile

Didiusfalco Sun 03-Apr-16 20:14:44

Thanks Dame that's really helpful.

I remember my Gran wearing it, but I'm not sure where she got it or who gave it to her, which is why I'm trying to work out roughly how old it is.

MrsMarigold Mon 04-Apr-16 13:05:24

Not much help on age but I have a ring from 1905 that is quite wide, I got it made smaller for £40 - I also have tiny hands and skinny fingers. A jeweller might be able to tell you it's age.

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Mon 04-Apr-16 13:26:05

I'd hazard the dating on this at about 1920. Without knowing the hallmarks or really seeing how the stones have been cut. Just the style.

Sizing really depends on how small you are talking. If you go too small every stone could pop out and that would be a disaster.

Re: the beads of gold in the band to size- it is possible but not all that comfortable if ring is far too big as often ring sits too broadly between the fingers.

CurlsLDN Mon 04-Apr-16 13:28:40

Yes clean the hallmarks, take a photo and zoom in. There are loads of websites that explain what hallmarks mean, that will give you an exact answer.
Try cleaning with a soft toothbrush and soapy water

Didiusfalco Mon 04-Apr-16 16:25:55

Thanks all! Interesting about the sizing, i had no idea stones could 'pop' possibly may need to leave it as it is. Thanks for your dating guess Jeremy I suppose I'll have to give it a clean to get a more accurate idea.

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