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Good place for Botox in York ?

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prettywhiteguitar Sun 03-Apr-16 07:15:43

I'm really looking tired after a year of no sleep (looking at you dc3!) and touching 40.

I'm having IPL for some pigmentation which I have had for years and the lady gave me some leaflets for CACI facials and Botox, I would love the CACI's but they are £405 for 10 treatments or the eye lift at £375 for 10, I can't spend that, the Botox look good value at £245 for two areas.

My eyes are very wrinkled into my cheeks and am getting frown 11's I have tried everything under the sun to help, glycolic did the most to combat it and to be honest I'm really happy with my skin, it just the dratted eye wrinkles that make me look 100 !

So does anyone have any recommendations ? I am using face,etc... Medispa in the city center for the IPL and so far found them professional.

poppysqueak Sun 03-Apr-16 12:29:20

I don't know whether you are able/willing to travel outside of York but my dentist recommended Dr Kimberley Taylor at The Raglan Suite dental practice in Harrogate. She specialises in facial aesthetics, Botox and fillers and is a highly qualified dentist. I have no idea of prices though, as I am still plucking up courage to have something done myself.
As an aside, my dentist says it is far better usually to get this kind of work done by dentists as they spend a lot of time every day injecting mouths and have also spent far longer during their training on the anatomy of the face/head than most other medical professionals. Logical when you think about it!

queenoftheuniverse Sun 03-Apr-16 18:04:31

no idea but also considering botox and willing to travel

so marking place wink

StewardsEnquiry Sun 03-Apr-16 19:14:21

If you are willing to go to Leeds I highly recommend
who is a medical doctor and excellent.

DameDoom Wed 24-Aug-16 23:17:32

I have just seen this message months belatedly, but I am a Yorkie and go to Innersense on Boroughbridge Road. I can wholeheartedly recommend Lee and Lorraine who own the clinic. They aren't doctors - they are full-time aesthetic nurses. I prefer a natural look (just fresher) and have had fillers, Botox and a PDO threadlift from them. I am 45 next month and would like to think I look fresh for my age - I still look my age though as I like subtle.
Don't rule out a good aesthetic nurse though.
Because they are not city centre, their prices reflect this. £240 for 3 areas.

ginorwine Thu 25-Aug-16 08:02:27

Dame - great name !
Please can you tell me about the thread lift ? I'm very tempted but terrified of the threads ? I've had filler but found them painful .
My fillers were done by dentist and whilst she was very good she did a dental block for pain relief and some practitioners don't think this is good as the facial count our is then affected ? Any views ?

Serenite Thu 25-Aug-16 13:37:46

I'd love to hear about this thread lift too - will see if dame doom tells us all about it or I might open a thread about it. Weirdly I was just reading about this and wondering what it's like/effectiveness. Don't want to derail this thread though. I've no recommendations about Botox in York but Enhance (have various clinic locations) very good. I agree with the comments about the nurse v doctor though but wouldn't agree with the argument presented by the dentists. I would encourage you to try it as (in my opinion) you'll get a longer lasting, fresher effect than CACI - depends whether you feel comfortable going down the injectables route ( go for it ;)

DameDoom Thu 25-Aug-16 13:55:39

The threadlift was really effective for the jowls I was obsessing over - it gave me a much sharper jawline. Mine concentrated on the neck and jaw. It is effective immediately and continues to improve over a couple of months.
I had mine last summer and it is still working.
The threads themselves feel very odd in the face but they do dissolve. The only drawback for me was the downtime. My jawline was black and blue for over a week and I had a lot of swelling - mind you, I bruise very easily and other people have not had anywhere near my recovery time. I would definitely recommend them.

DameDoom Thu 25-Aug-16 14:04:52

Just a thought - The Perfect Peel is also really good for surface wrinkling and skin that has lost its glow. I've had one done although, once again, downtime is an issue as it takes all the skin off your face and left me looking like the Singing Detective. It does give the skin of an 8 year old and literally erases all old acne and pigmentation marks and makes pores invisible.
I do love a bit of facial tinkering.

ninenicknames Thu 25-Aug-16 14:05:31

No idea about York for Botox. But I've just had it also touching 40 ...

It's effing marvellous stuff!!! grin

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