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Posh hotel - do you keep the slippers.

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Ifonlyiweretaller Sat 02-Apr-16 16:40:47

Obviously you don't keep the dressing gowns, but what about the slippers/ flip flops? These slippers heve memory foam so are really comfy ( although rather big!) what do they do with the, if they've been worn? I feel really cheeky taking them - should I?

MrsSchadenfreude Sat 02-Apr-16 16:59:09

No. Ask if you can buy them, and they may well tell you just to take them.

Tartyflette Sat 02-Apr-16 17:07:54

Well, the ones supplied at a few hotels I've stayed in seem to be disposable, flimsy so if I've worn them, I keep them.
But in one gorgeous hotel we stayed in they were made of good towelling material, similar to towelling slipons that you can buy, and mine went astray were nicked at the pool; when I told reception they said not to worry, here's another pair, they're supplied for you to keep.

FeelingSmurfy Sat 02-Apr-16 17:08:30

They are normally disposable, we take them and stick them in the hospital bag. Memory foam soled ones I would ask about though

USERNAME213 Sat 02-Apr-16 17:23:31

Yes! You pay for them in the price increase basically. And they can't use them again!

AnthonyBlanche Sat 02-Apr-16 17:30:28

Unless you think they can be successfully washed OP they are for you to keep. Don't think I'd be pleased to find the slippers in a 5 star hotel had been worn by someone before me (unless of course they were fully washable)

FrustratedFrugal Sat 02-Apr-16 17:35:06

I tend to keep some the disposable towelling type ones in the side pocket of my suitcase - handy for other less posh hotels and mingy plane bathrooms. I accidentally washed a pair, they came out all warped wink

SimonLeBonOnAndOn Sat 02-Apr-16 17:38:35

I keep them, I wouldn't want to wear pre worn slippers in a posh hotel, I assume they provide new ones for each guest

chanie44 Sat 02-Apr-16 17:55:55

My aunt stays on hotels occasionally and always takes the slippers. And the mints. And the soap. And the biscuits.

She off loaded some slippers onto me and I was going to throw them away, but realised they were handy to take to the hospital when I was having DD. I wore them in the hospital and disposed of them when I was discharged.

That1950sMum Sat 02-Apr-16 18:01:07

Of course! Why else would you stay in a fancy hotel?

Keep them and enjoy their foamy loveliness!

LoadsaBlusher Sat 02-Apr-16 22:11:12

I don't because they are always too big .
I have size 4 feet and the hotel slippers always seem to be 7/8.

Paperblank Sat 02-Apr-16 22:13:02

The first thing I do in a hotel room is decide what freebies I shall swipe...

Slippers, should they be provided, swiftly make their way into my case.

Ifonlyiweretaller Sat 02-Apr-16 23:22:12

Well thanks ladies. Based on the average response to you replies I am going to keep them. ! My OH said 'why don't you just ask?' But it seems like a really cringy question...yes they are big but they are so comfy. And if they are just going to be thrown away then what the hell...

liinyo Sat 02-Apr-16 23:56:08

We stayed in a lovely, pricy Dublin hotel for a family wedding last year. As soon as we checked in we all (me, DH, DDs, DB and DBs DH) got very excited about the slippers supplied. As they were plastic wrapped we agreed they were freebies, unlike the bathrobes. We packed them away (with cackles of unsophisticated glee). And the next day the chambermaids left us even more plastic wrapped slippers!

What a time to be alive.

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