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Bra sizing assistance needed desperately please!

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Izitso Sat 02-Apr-16 14:07:01

Right, I've just had a shock! Measured myself according to advice I've read on here and I am completely confused. I'm sure I'm an odd size but if anyone can point me in the right direction with a starting point I'll be SO grateful. I am normally in a 40b but it's years since I was measured in a store. I now measure 95cm under bust and (here's the shock!) my "droopy measurement" is 117cm shock I am hoping to get something in Tesco this afternoon so if you can help me please do. On the other hand, if you have more of a life than I have on a Saturday, have a good day grin

Thanks, Izzy

OK, so UK bra sizes use inches. 95cm=37.4" and 117cm is 46"

Roughly that would put you around a 38FF as a starting point.

Can you do a quick check in your 40B please:

Lean forward and then put your bra on - put your arms through the straps and then drop your breasts in to the cup before fastening at the back. No twirling the bra! (apologies if you already do it this way but loads of people don't!)

Then, still leaning forward a bit:
-take your left hand, put it inside your right cup and reach round to (and beyond) the outside edge of the cup, so round under your arm. Scoop, grap or forceable yank all soft tissue you find there forwards and in to the cup.
-repeat with right hand in left cup

stand up and take a look. I suspect that (depending on your bra) you will either find:
-massive overspill in the middle;
-the central gore not remotely touching your chest; or
-lumps under your arms/armpits because the bra just isn't able to contain all the breast tissue.
You might also notice backfat remaining if the bra isn't actually holding everything.

Izitso Sat 02-Apr-16 14:38:26

Thank you so much for taking time out to help me! I have put myself into 2 of my newest bras (using the method you described which is a revelation to me) and my problems are definitely huge overspill under the arms and awful back fat too. The band under bust at front seems to ride up and curl under somehow if that helps. I wear underwired full cup styles. Thanks again smile


Izitso Sat 02-Apr-16 14:57:46

Oh and forgot to say that the back rides up a lot sad

It certainly sounds like you need considerably more cup space than you have. If the band is riding up a lot you might also want to try a 36G/GG too as it's not uncommon to need to go down from the band size you measure especially for those who measure at a 38 or more IME.

When you try on new bras, do as I described there. What you are looking for is:
-all of your breast tissue encased within the wires - no armpit hamsters or overspill!
-you should be able to actually reduce the backfat in a smaller band/bigger cup combo as you will scoop it forward in to the cups and it should stay there!
-don't dismiss as too big until you've fully scooped, my bras look too small in the band and too big in the cup when I first put them on but are right once everything is in place
-the central gore should sit flat between your boobs. If it doesn't you probably need more cup space, possibly a smaller band - or maybe a different style
-the band should sit horizontally around your body and not ride up
-most of the weight should be taken by the band rather than the straps
-if you lift your arms over your head, the band shouldn't ride up

Izitso Sat 02-Apr-16 15:12:47

Wow that's brilliant - can't thank you enough smile Armpit hamsters cracked me up! Waiting until after 5 before I hit Tesco and should get into changing rooms ok. I realise I need to be in there a good while. The technique for actually getting into a bra is fab and even made a difference with the ones I'm wearing now but I definitely need more "containment" grin Have a good weekend,


BTW - you might find Tesco bras just aren't actually good enough (as you have fairly decent sized boobs) but it will be an interesting starting point. Supermarket sizing can be a bit hit and miss too so try around those sizes.

Izitso Sun 03-Apr-16 16:05:02

Yes I think you're right! As I'm losing weight I didn't want to spend a lot on "transitional" bras but the 38F was way too tight around the band and the next nearest size they had was 40D. That was better around the band but the cups were puckered. It definitely could have been the flimsy quality so am off to M&* tomorrow morning - at least I know what to focus on now though and I don't want to be measured by them so I do appreciate all you taught me!


The 38F would quite possibly have been a bit small in the cups too, and if it's too small in the cups then it will make the band feel artificially tight. You shouldn't actually put your bra on back to front, but it can be useful to find the right band size as if you pop it on back to front you can identify if the band is about right, then it's a case of working through the cups.

M&S sizing is also a bit hit and miss although their small band sizes are worse , I think they're less bonkers in the 36/38 territory but don't let em near you with a tape measure!

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